Two heavily-bearded gents and a relatively clean-shaven drummer. They're one of the hottest bands in the quadrant.

Behind the scenesEdit

Referred to as ZZ Top in the files 302.scr of SQ1VGA.

ZZ-top will not appear on stage with later versions of SQ1VGA (instead replaced by two midgets and an elephant nosed alien), as the game was changed in response to a lawsuit threat made by ZZ-Top's lawyers. ZZ-Top can be reintroduced back into the game by simply deleting the 433.v56 and 533.v56 files in the SQ1VGA folder.

As there were not any EGASCI versions related later ZZ Top should appear as normal.

In the AGI version, ZZ Top plays the hit song Sharp Dressed Man. In the EGA/VGA SCI versions, they are playing a generic hard rock song.

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