Xenon Orbital Station 4 is atation in the orbit of Xenon.


Intra-station transport is achieved through the use of pods through transport tubes. The station has multiple shuttlebays and outer hull EVA access is easily accessible.


Its purpose was a transfer point for travelers to the Earnon system.

Roger Wilco, the hero of Xenon who destroyed the Star Generator, worked there (as a janitor, of course) cleaning debris and space dust. Perhaps because of his status as a hero, he was promoted to head janitor, but made little difference since he was the only janitor on the station.

One day, after losing his broom (third in a week). Agents of Sludge Vohaul infiltrated the station with a shuttle. When Roger was ordered to go and clean it and abducted him.

There is a Astro Chicken game cabinet in the game room of Orbital Station 4. Roger Wilco used to spend hours playing it, making bets with the station's crew.[1]


  • Construction zone (Groucho Harpo Zeppo 3)
  • Airlock chamber
  • Transportation Control Room
  • Shuttle Bay One
  • D deck
  • Game room
  • Monolith Burger[2]


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