Model: *Mark V Deathstalker Annihilator Android
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Assassin, eventually Science Officer

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W-D40 is a womanoid droid.

Backstory Edit

WD40 is a second-generation terminoid previously under the employ of the Gippazoid Novelty Company and Patrician Broadcasting, self-personified as female. She is equipped with a jetpack, arm-mounted blaster guns, and, like previous Annihilator droid models, an invisibility field. Prior to its destruction, she also owned her own ship. WDs are Mark V Deathstalker Annihilator Androids, a type of goddess-class Wonderwoman Droidoids.[1]

WD40 was a Deathstalker Mark VI Annihilator android from the planet Oakhurst IV before Cliffy reprogrammed her to serve as a member of the Eureka's crew. WD40 is both cool efficient, maintaining a cybernetic aloofness no matter how tense the situation may be.[2]

Her last assignment before reconstruction was the completion of the original Arnoid's mission; that is, to destroy Roger Wilco. Following her reconstruction, she served for a time on the SCS Eureka, transferring to the SCS Goliath in the wake of the Pukoid incident. Her current location and profession are unknown.

Game Involvement Edit

Roger encountered WD40 in space above Kiz Urazgubi who assaulted the SCS Eureka in her ship. Threatened with their destruction, Roger selflessly beamed down to the planet to meet with WD40. Rumor has it that Roger outsmarted and destroyed her during the resulting confrontation by stuffing a banana into the exhaust port of her jetpack.

Following her destruction, Roger had the Eureka's chief engineer, Cliffy, rebuild her, then recruited her to serve as the ship's Science Officer. By all accounts Roger and WD40 parted on amicable terms. She later is the one to rescue Roger from the Pukoids by firing Liquid Nitrogen at them.

Behind the scenesEdit

While said to be mark V Annihilator Android in the game, in the SQV hintbook she is said to be a Mark VI.

  • This character is usually called WD40 (which is also her name in the The Space Quest Companion), but several lines in the game also lists her name as W-D40 (which is also her name in the The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures).
  • She is named after the WD-40 mechanical lubricant, ostensibly for kinky effect.
  • Her namesake WD-40 is apparently still used as a lubricant throughout the galaxy along with LZ gel.
  • Roger has given her a few nicknames including Arnoidette and the Oakhurst Queen.
  • She is also based off of the Terminator.

WD-40 is a United States brand of oil lubricant that comes in a spray can. Equipped with a straw nozzle, it is often used to lubricate squeaky hinges and small moving parts.

Also, the "banana in the tailpipe" trick is an obvious reference to the film Beverly Hills Cop. WD-40 is also a very obvious spoof on the movie Predator, and example is when WD-40 falls down into the water and has the cloaking sytem short-circut or the lasers similar to Predator's plasma cannon.

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WD4001 WD4002


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