The ultra-safe safety glass, specially designed with safety features for maximum safety

The safety glass of the Arcada's escape pods has specially designed safety features for maximum safety, and is therefore very safe. One safety feature is the highly reflective nature of the glass, which keeps the occupants eyes safe from the light of any stars that, without the safety glass, would be unsafe as it could blind the occupant. The other main safety feature is that, in the event of an unsafe landing, the safety glass is designed to shatter safely, leaving no sharp, unsafe edges.

Game InvolvementEdit

When Roger Wilco crash landed on Kerona in an escape pod, the Safety Glass of the view shield did indeed shatter quite safely. Roger decided to take a piece of it, perhaps because he was so impressed at how safe it was. He later used this piece to reflect a laser beam blocking his path, ensuring he could safely make his way past.

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