Extremely volatile ordnance. Handle with caution. Commonly found in the future on the ruined streets of Xenon in heavily damaged vehicles.

Behind the scenesEdit

This inventory item is of the type known as "red herring", which is used to describe useless items in adventure games. Usually, such items are harmless, but in this case, it will result in Roger's death if it's in his inventory while entering the Sewers. The item was added to the game to make fun of a habit of adventure gamers to "pick up everything that isn't nailed down", regardless of whether or not they can see any logical use for the item.

The only use from this item is a score point earned when it is picked up, and another when it is put back in place.

In the Infamous Games remake of Space Quest II, unstable ordnance is present in the wrecked hovercraft, but cannot be put back in. Additionally, Roger must cram the ordnance into a rabbit like creature to kill the Labion Root Monster.