Ulence Flats (aka Ulence[1]) is a small civilization on the planet of Kerona.


The Federation named the town as Ulence Flats, but is more properly translated from the Keronian language as flat Ulence.[2] It was under development by ArrakisCorp. It is a typical example of some of the frontier settlements that sprang up in the early days of the Outer Zone exploration.

To describe Ulence Flats as a town would be be an extreme overstatement, to call it civilization would be to insult toxic waste dumps everywhere, and to call it a dripping sore on the unwashed underpit of a guanoid from EelSuck VII would be an overly romantic image. Ulence Flats is a collection of four or five ruts in the desert dunes of Ulence, looking for identity and losing count along the way. It is home to beings deemed socially undesirable by the galaxy's various underworlds, and the location of the notorius No Serial Numbers Spaceship Shopping Center, and the Five Fingered Discount Droid Mall. Surrounding Ulence Flats is a highly dangerous energy field, more to  keep the denizens inside, than the Grells out.[3]

There is little to do here, yet a droid shop Droids B Us a franchise within the Droid Mall, Tiny's Ship Yard (Tiny's Used Spaceships) within the Spaceship Shopping Center, and the Rocket Bar have been established in this remote settlement.

Ulence Flats is protected from Grell through Wallmart Force Field Generating Units (FFGU) around the perimeter which allow only airborne vehicles in or out.

Roger Wilco first visited the settlement in Space Quest 1 after having escaped the Sarien attack on the Arcada. He briefly returned there in a Timepod from the Space Quest 10 period.

There are a few differences between the this version of Ulence Flats created through Roger's multiple influence of time travel, and Ulence Flats (original version), the version that existed before Roger began jumping through time.



Behind the scenesEdit

"Ulence Flats" is derived from the word "flatulence".

Continuity ErrorEdit

In the Space Quest 1 remake, upon leaving Ulence Flats, the time pod from Space Quest IV will arrive as an Easter egg. This is a continuity error in that the time pod actually arrives next to Droids B Us.

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