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Gender: Males
Species: Humans impersonating Andromedan Swineoid
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Space Quest III

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The Two Guys from Andromeda were the authors of many of the Space Quest series. Consisting of Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe.

Background[edit | edit source]

They claim to have been born sometime in the distant future and having originated from the Andromeda Galaxy. At some point they were abducted by the ScumSoft company from the Andromeda System and were forced into service as programmers. They were known for such classics as Astro Chicken and its later sequel Ms. Astro Chicken. They were trapped at their job, but managed to sneak a distress call into the programming for Astro Chicken. If a player got a good enough score, they could get a coded message that could only be translated with a Decoder ring available in a Monolith Fun Meal. When Elmo Vohaul Pug (assumably) found out about it, he had the Two Guys sealed in a block of Jello, but they were saved by Roger Wilco. Roger helped them escape from the clutches of the Pirates of Pestulon, but they ended up flying into a black hole during their escape. After they passed through the black hole, they ended up going back in time[1] and landed on earth in 1986 where they were hired by Ken Williams to work at Sierra On-line and began designing games. Showing gratitude to Roger Wilco for saving them they swore to immortalize him by making him a star of his own computer game[2], and the Space Quest series was born. At least one of the Two Guys confirmed that disks containing Roger's journal was from their era and were most likely accurate.[3]

The Two Guys from Andromeda went on to create the Space Quest series of adventure games reaping fame and fortune. They knew a good thing when they saw Roger's documents, and simply made a straight adaptation of his exploits to the medium of computer games, changing only the occasional name or detail.[4] The two guys spent their entire lives slaving for the Sierra company,[5], at least for a while. They grew fat on their success and soon burned out and began a drunken tailspin into obscurity.[6]

At some point, during the development of SQ4, the guys returned to space and the future together. They went on to advertise their latest game in the Space Quest X time period (possibly having traveled too far into the future). It was likely that the latest game they were advertising was SQ4 (but could have been Space Quest X or perhaps even Space Quest XII).

Shortly before the Space Quest V period, they visited the StarCon Academy lounge and one of them walked out on their 10,000 buckazoid tab and lost their space ship.

The Two Guys soon split up not long after, during the SQ5 era, Mark Crowe became known as the One Phoney from Andromeda, and the Galactic Inquirer exposed him to be a human from Earth that had impersonated an Andromedan. He was caught back in the past back on earth applying the costume and makeup. He was also caught impersonating a human Starcon officer.

Although it hasn't been entirely confirmed rumor has it that Scott Murphy the other former member of the Two Guys from Andromeda is also Homo Sapien, he has appeared as an apparent human for the release of Space Quest 6. It is unclear how they originally ended up in space and the future in the first place. All is certain is that he somehow was returned to Earth by Roger Wilco sometime in the distant future.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The two guys consisted of Mark Crowe, who did most of the music and visual art in the early games, and Scott Murphy, who was the programmer.

The first four games in the series were designed by both Crowe and Murphy. After Space Quest 4, the team split up, and Space Quest 5 was designed solely by Mark Crowe (in which he was outed to be a human from the in-universe perspective). Space Quest 6 was designed by Josh Mandel, although later work on the project was done by Scott Murphy, making Mandel the "third guy from Andromeda".

Leslie Balfour, was the co-designer with Scott Murphy on the cancelled Space Quest 7 project at Sierra and thus she was self-proclaimed "Gal from Andromeda".

In Space Quest 3, the Two Guys from Andromeda enter the Space Quest universe as internal game characters. The scenario goes that those two arrived eventually to Earth and entered Sierra Entertainment, creating hence the Space Quest games.

When assuming this identity, the Two Guys are pictured always wearing a mohawk wig, disco glasses and a mask with a long animal-like snout, since referred to as 'Andromedan'. Space Quest 3 offered a cardboard Andromedan Snout in its package as a gift to the players.

The Two Guys appear in the Sierra Catalog video presentation of Space Quest 3, and their names are mentioned to be Sisbot and Ezerk. However these names don't appear again. In Space Quest 3, they go by their names Scott and Mark, when talking to Ken Williams. They also go by their full names occasionally in early games SQ1-4.

The Two Guys offered assistence with the Space Quest Companion, First Edition. Mark Crowe later assisted with the second edition, and verified it as a legitimate source.[7] Although it was primarily Mark who offered support.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Space Quest I[edit | edit source]

The Two Guys only appear in the VGA version if you die by acid pool or laser. They proceed to replay the death while conversing how stupid Roger was. The following diolouge comes from the acid pool death.

  • "Well, Scott, it looks like Roger has done it again."
  • "It sure does Mark. Let's run that one again with the aid of our new How-He-Blew-It Cam(tm) and Chalkboard(tm)."
  • "I have to say that carefully, Mark. Every time we mention something with a trademark or copyright, the lawyers come out to feed."
  • "Now, this is where Roger makes the fatal move."
  • "And we can all see the result of that mistake.
  • "I don't know about you, Scott. Personally, I like to know exactly what I'm messing with before I actually mess with it. I guess he'll know better next time. Ouch."

Space Quest 4[edit | edit source]

The Two Guys don't actually make a full appearance in SQ4, but they do provide commentary when quitting or restarting the game.

At one point during the game there is a crowd surrounding Software Excess. One of the customers says that the Two Guys are inside signing their latest game.

Audio[edit | edit source]


"See ya on the chronostream, time jockey!"

"Are you sure you want to restart?"

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References[edit | edit source]

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