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Gender: Gender unknown[1]
Species: Icthyoid
Profession and/or purpose:

Used Spaceship Salesman

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Backstory Edit

The proprietor of Tiny's Used Spaceships. Tiny is a used spaceship salesman, living in the small civilization of Ulence Flats on the surface of Kerona. He appears to be a somewhat dubious character who makes money by pawning off useless junk on unsuspecting customers.

Due to the unforseen consequences of time travel the Tiny of Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) is a large (as in not-so-tiny), red skin-covered beast. Roger remembers having encountered a short green-scaled covered Icthyoid salesman when he first landed on Kerona. Then again Roger's memories have been modified through repeated time travel experiences he doesn't remember which was his original timeline. An account of his original experiences before the influence of time travel are fortunately recorded in the The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures (1st Edition).

Game Involvement Edit

While trapped on Kerona in Space Quest 1, Roger found it necessary to purchase a used spacecraft from Tiny. After nearly buying several inappropriate and dangerous crafts, Roger settled on a sleek Drallion Cruiser parked in the back of the lot. After paying for the ship, Roger flew off.

Unbeknownst to Roger, Tiny did not own the craft at all, and had stolen Roger's buckazoids while allowing the janitor to "accidentally" steal the ship. The ship's owner was last seen shaking his fist from far below as Roger flew off.

Behind the scenes Edit

Tiny's only official appearance was in Space Quest 1, but he has also appeared in a storyarc at WSSQUID, namely comics #152-165.


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