This article is general information about Timepods. Information about the Timebuster 2000 SUX seen in Space Quest IV can be found in its article and a list of other timepods is also available.


A typical Timepod, the Timebuster 2000 SUX

Space... the Final Frontier? Not any more. With the invention of the Timepod, time became the final frontier. Whether you want to place a bet on that Orat fight the other day, date your parents (remember "Just Say No To Becoming Your Own Father"), visit the Big Bang, recover a Book of Matches from a distant bar or save Xenon from evil... the Timepod is the mode of transport for you.

Timepods, also known as Hogpods, work by creating a time current. This requires knowledge of six-character time codes, however, this shouldn't be a problem for anyone who attended school - Time Theory is a compulsory class now. Protection for the Timejumper (pilot) from heat and neutrinos should also be provided. The exact workings of the Timepod depend on the model.




Despite the fact that the majority of Timepods cannot fly and have no wheels, thrusters are required for maneuvering through the time currents. While there are some excellent brands (such as the QuadBeam Thrusters), there are also many budget types. One company, originally called "Thrusters", sells the following:


Different Timepods require different fuels. Common types of fuel include:

  • Saganium
  • B-Inbyate
  • Deighinite
  • Lezyl-E-Nelson
  • Olpalomine
  • Cradlinol
  • Gimyacol
  • Thatizol
  • E-Nupkizin/Nupk 5


In order to prevent skidding through the time currents, timetreads have been developed. Available brands include:

  • Deluxe Deuterium-Belted OmniRadial TimeTreads
  • Standard Deuterium-Belted MonoRadial TimeTreads
  • ACME SlipStream Semi-Belted SomewhatRadial TimeTreads
  • Fester's NearlyBelted AlmostRadial TimeTreads
  • Mendenhall's Un-belted NonRadial SkidMeister TimeTreads
  • Terry's Anti-Belted NotEvenCloseToRadial Deathtreads

Timepatrol Radar DetectorsEdit


Timepatrol Radar Detectors

Time police (and Sequel Police) monitor and patrol the time currents in order to uphold the law. Several companies are making a fortune from selling detectors:

  • Fuzz-B-Gome Copaway
  • Officer-Get-Lost
  • Constable-No-More
  • Law-B-Damned
  • "The Bail Jumper" Deluxe

Anti-Theft DeviceEdit

In order to protect your Timepod from theft, several security devices are available (although it appears the Sequel Police never bothered):

  • Brinx Security Lock
  • HogLok Anti-Gravity Security Field Generator
  • Electro-Cute High Voltage Security Teddy Bear
  • Insta-Fry DeThiefing System
  • Toast-a-Thief Hotwire Coils
  • Puddle O' Punk Nuke'em Hogpod Cover

Trivia Edit

The timepods are described as an "overgrown titanium tennis shoe", perhaps a reference to the DeLorean in Back to the Future.

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