Gender: Female
Species: Human Latex Babe
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Background Edit

A member of the Latex Babes of Estros, she was a former preschool teacher, dental assistant, and in semiretirement as the official torturer for the State of Estros. Thoreen is one of the prime henchwomen of Zondra (the Latex Babes' leader). She is skilled at the art of torture, with her favorite tool being a leg hair shaver capable of taking a man's legs clean off.

There are rumors that she doesn't like men. It's not that she doesn't like men, its just that she likes them better screaming.

Game Involvement Edit

While visiting Estros in timesector Space Quest 10, Roger was captured by the Latex Babes. Because of a previously unknown jilting of Zondra by Roger, he was strapped to a chair and threatened with torture. Thoreen had the job of torturer, a job she seemed to relish - especially when she threatened to shave Roger's legs off.

Fortunately Roger managed to escape with his legs intact by saving the Latex Babes when their base was attacked by an Estrosian Sea Slug.

Dialogue Edit


"Sit down."


"With pleasure, Zondra."


"Let me introduce you to a friend of mine."


"This is EpiRip 357, the most powerful hand hair remover in the universe, and it's capable of shaving your legs clean off."


"I've always wanted to see a man shave with one of these... but I guess you'll do."


"Now you'll know the meaning of the word 'pain'."


"Ahhhhhh! It's a sea slug! Run, girls!"


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