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Ken Williams
Grandma and Grandpa Wilco (x-number of times removed)
Roger Wilco (female)
Peter Spear
Jeremy Spear
Mark Crowe

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Terra III is the original home planet of humans (aka Earthlings) once known as Earth. The inhabitants of Xenon and several other humanoid species in the galaxy originated from there.[1][2] Located in the Sol system of the Milky Way, the human Roger Wilco had travelled back in time and visited it after his rescue of the Two Guys of Andromeda from the Pirates of Pestulon. Terra III is the name for the Earth of the future.

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Earth was also mentioned in the Galactic Inquirer and is the subject of much ridicule, being the "cesspool of the galaxy" as it is. In Roger's time escavations on Terra III revealed copies of software including Space Quest I: the Sarien Encounter, Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon, and hint books for other Space Quest games. On the back of the box was pictures of the swineoids who Roger had left on Earth. He was surprised that they knew about events of his past although they had not met before previously, or how they could know about events of the future that he had not yet experienced. After he figured out that a paradox was involved, he figured to send a journal of his adventures back into the past to Sierra On-line. He asked for them to give the disks to Two Guys from Adromeda as soon as they were hired by the company, so that they could make the games which would lead his Grandparts (x-number removed) to marry, so that he would ultimately be born, and the future would be preserved.[3]

Terra III is the home of genetically altered game show hosts and SidneyLand.

Game Involvement Edit

After escaping the Pirates of Pestulon in the Aluminum Mallard, Roger, along with the Two Guys were thrown through a black hole that sent Roger back in time took them to Earth in the 1980s[4]. They landed somewhere on the west coast of one of the larger continent. While there' they met Sierra Online founder Ken Williams, who offered the Two Guys a job. They decided to remain there and work for him. Roger asked for a job as well, but as there were no openings for another janitor, he took his leave and returned home.


Through the passage of time some personal habits haven't changed with humanoids of earth heritage. Although no one knows the true origin, people have been hanging rolls of flimsy paper called azwipe next to their extruded item disposal units. Since no one is certain of its actual use, it is a mere cultural decoration in most circles.

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