Deluxe multiplayer action!

The rarest of all ScumSoft games with only one location known through out the Universe, Polysorbate LX, supposed to be the goriest, most violent arcade game since "Disembowling for Dollars".


First you must choose your character - Lar-Man, Coily Joe or Big Mo. Once the game has begun, push the joystick left and right to move forwards or backwards. Push the joystick down to duck. Press A, B or C to attack! The aim of the game is to keep hitting your opponent until their energy bar is reduced to zero, while avoiding their attacks. Best out of three rounds win!


A cheat is avaliable for Stooge Fighter 3, and cheat sheets are sold on the black market! Activated by pressing the buttons A, B, B, A, C, A, C, A (in order) on the screen where you choose your character, the cheat reveals a hidden button behind a secret panel in the centre of the console. This button invokes a super-attack, almost guaranteeing you a win.

Easter EggEdit

The names of the three characters change when you play on the birthday of one of the programmers (April 11th, January 3rd and December 29th).

- Lar-Man becomes Shockmeister

- Coily Joe becomes Conradinator

- Big Mo becomes Flash Lytton

Game InvolvementEdit

In Space Quest 6, Roger Wilco cheated in this game (with the help of Elmo Pug) to win a bet against Djurkwhad and earn 300 buckazoids.


The characters in the game, Lar-Man, Big Mo and Coily Joe are references to The Three Stooges - Larry, Moe and Curly. Their catchphrases and fighting moves contain lots of references to the original.

  • The title is a reference to Street Fighter 3
  • Big Moe is dressed like Street Fighter character Ryu.
  • The messages after each KO resemble those from Mortal Kombat II
  • One of the characters can chop his opponent's head off, referencing the graphic deaths in MK2
  • The "you lamebrain" part references how the opponent looks before you "FINISH HIM!" in MK2.
  • Coily Joe is dressed like a sumo wrestler, and is possibly a reference to E. Honda.
  • Lar-Man is possibly a reference to Ken