Gender: Female
Species: Unknown (possibly Klingon)
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Games seen or mentioned in:

Space Quest 6

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Stellar Santiago is one of the few friends of Roger Wilco and one of his 'love' interests.

In space quest 6, Roger Wilco shrunk himself to enter Stellar Santiago to save her. Her inside is completely similar to human.


She was originally stationed on board the SCS Heinz 57. Roger saved her from the work of Project: Immortality, with the help of Dr. Beleauxs, by entering her body and destroying two groups of Nanites that had infected her, as well as Sharpei herself. By the end she apparently transferred to the SCS Deepship 86.

Stellar has a file in Cyberspace.

Personality and traitsEdit

She is of an unknown humanoid alien race with ridges and yellowish-orange eyes (described as piercing green as well (perhaps in reference to the apparent 'makeup' above her eyes, or she wears colored contacts at times[1])).

Dark haired, green-eyed, and sensuously strong, Lieutenant Stellar Santiago has more than a passing fancy for Roger, Beatrice Wankmeister or no. She will save Roger's hide at great expense. Roger will end up venturing deep into her body to save her life from the evil Sharpei.[2]

Titles and NicknamesEdit

  • StarCon Lieutenant

Behind the scenesEdit

Her species is unknown, although she is described as a humanoid at least once. Her name is also derived from a working title for Space Quest 6, "Where in Stellar Santiago is Roger Wilco?" (after the Carmen Sandiego series of games). After Broderbund, creators of Sandiego, threatened suit, the name of the game was changed.

According to SQ6 Hintbook, she is described as '...beautiful in a slightly alien kind of way" indicating her alien heritage. It might also indicate that she might be half-human'.

Santiago is Spanish for "Saint James" (or, more etymologically, Saint Jacob [another name for Saint James]). Sandiego is also the name of a saint, viz. Saint Didacus of Alcala (in Italy). Sandiego is also a variant of Santiago.

In one scene, Roger yells "Stellar!" in a way similar to the iconic "Stella!" from the film A Streetcar Named Desire.

Stellar (unofficial)Edit

See, Stellar Santiago (unofficial).


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