Where'd it go?

The Star Generator was a device created by StarCon in order to save the Xenon.[1]


The Star Generator was originally Slash Vohaul's plan to rescue Xenon and the Earnon system from their dying sun by turning a neighboring gas giant into a star. However, it was stolen from the Arcada by the Sariens, minions of Slash's clone brother, Sludge Vohaul, whose intent it was to use it as a weapon.

Vohaul's plan went well, until the Arcada's janitor, Roger Wilco, discovered the location of the Star Generator on the Deltaur, at that time in sector HH.


There it is!

It was well defended, and Wilco disguised himself as a Sarien and set the Star Generator to self-destruct, the method of which he had discovered in a Data Cartridge left by Slash Vohaul in the Arcada's library. He was able to escape the enormous explosion caused by the destruction with a Sarien Shuttle and return to Xenon to ensure the rebuilding of a new one to save Xenon.

Some time later, Sariens lead by a beautiful green haired Sarien commander invaded Xenon during a second attempt to steal the new Star Generator between SQ3 and SQ4 (likely under the orders of Sludge Vohaul again). Roger was nearly shot by the commander during the attempt but also found himself smitten by he, and wanted to meet her again. He was in the middle of rescuing the Star Generator would he was pulled from his universe into the Hoyle software. He needed to get back to stop the invasion. While he was stuck having to play a few games, ultimately he made it back to stop them.[2]

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Star Generator appears to have been based off of Project Genesis from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

In the VGA version, when the generator is set to self destruct, it says Have a Nice Day. This is a reference to the comedy film Spaceballs.


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