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The Star Confederation (also known as the StarConFederation, StarCon Federation, the Star Confederacy, the ConFederation, the Confederation, the Federation[1], StarCon or Starcon for short) is a loosely-organized coalition of planets, asteroids, and other planetary bodies, based on Xenon. StarCon appears to stretch accross several galaxies including the Earnon Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the cesspool of the universe the Milky Way.

General Information[]

It has what appears to be a centralized government led by a president. It has the ability to raise taxes. The various arms of its government appear to be afflicted with different levels of corruption (such as that seen in the Pukoid incident).

StarCon Academy

It is represented by a fleet of spacefaring vessels, ranging from garbage scows (such as the SCS Eureka) to heavy warships (SCS Goliath). Officers in the pseudo-military organization commanding these vessels are trained at the StarCon Academy, near Xenon. Ranks in the organization range from Janitor 2nd Class to Cadet to Admiral.

StarCon's in-flight magazine is the Milky Way Today (however this is not explained why as bulk of ConFed is ruled from Xenon).

Behind the scenes[]

The StarConFederation is mentioned pretty early in the Space Quest Companion as early as Roger's account of Space Quest I (thus establishing that it existed back then). Captain Quirk was also the commander of the Star Con Fleet as early as Space Quest I. In the games, StarCon is first mentioned in Space Quest 5, and played a large role in Space Quest 6. Roger Wilco was/is a member of StarCon, and has served as both an officer and as a janitor. He appears to have been the subject of a conspiracy within StarCon (see Project Immortality). Unless there is a difference between the first and second editions of the SpaceQuest Companion, it would seem that the StarConFederation was mentioned in the Space Quest Companion before it appeared in the games (first edition includes the first four games).

The Galactic Enquirer also ties StarCon into the mission surrounding the Star Generator in SQ1.

There are some issues surrounding the StarConFederation and the location of StarCon Command. It is implied that command is located on Xenon in a few sources (though it can be seen inside the StarCon Academy in SQ5), which would imply that it is based out of the Earnon Galaxy. Roger's accounts of Space Quest V establishes that StarCon Academy is not located in the Andromeda Galaxy, and thus implying it is located in Earnon Galaxy as well (unless of course Earnon and Andromeda are one and the same galaxy). However, in Space Quest VI its established that the inflight magazine for StarCon is the Milky Way Today, suggesting that StarCon seat of operations is somewhere the Milky Way. It is possible that it has moved its base from Xenon between SQ5 and SQ6 but this is unclear.

StarCon is a parody of United Federation of Planets from the Star Trek canon. Note in the Space Quest Universe both of these Federations may exist or they may be merged together into one (see Enterprise).

Note in some cases StarCon and the Federation might be 'competing' space agencies. The Federation including captains such as Kirk or Picard

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  1. SQ6 Demo: Once upon a time, you really meant something to me. You were a symbol of my bravery, of my importance to StarCon. Now you're just a constant reminder of the glory that once was mine, and how I'm now just a faceless cog in the great gears of the Federation.