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This article takes us through the variations of StarCon Uniforms through the years.

Space Quest IEdit

Standard UniformsEdit

The basic uniform as worn by most of the crew on board the Arcada in Space Quest 1. They appear to wear all white shirts, rather than having grey arms.

Janitor, Second ClassEdit

This is the uniform of a civilian janitor on board a "Federation" star ship, it is for janitors that fail to make it into the Sanitation Engineering Corps. It has a black belt and gray boots. A blue StarCon emblem is on the left breast.

Flight SuitEdit

Flight suits from this era were gray with a red belt and red arm patches. A gray and red striped helmet with a visor was also provided.


This Xenon Leader (Mayor of Xenon) is wearing a blue uniform, which had a gold emblem on the left breast.

Space Quest I VGAEdit

Standard UniformsEdit

Three main uniforms are seen in SQ1VGA. These include a grey uniform with purple arms (Roger Wilco and several other crew members wear this design). Another uniform is grey with blue arms. Finally a grey uniform with black arms, Hugh is the only example wearing this uniform.

Another uniform of this era is described as being lime-and-brown (as worn by Jerzy).[1]

Slash Vohaul wore a lab jacket over a teal shirt, and black pants, brown boots, and a brown belt. This however may be a civilian clothing.

Flight SuitEdit

Dark blue with a fishbowl helmet.

Misc. UniformsEdit

The Federation president wears a military style dark grey uniform (similar to what Sequel Police would wear in the future).

Space Quest IIEdit

Basic uniformsEdit

The standard basic uniforms worn by people on XOS4 include grey shirts with purple arms, or pink shirts with purple arms.

Janitor, Second ClassEdit

The gray and lavender of the Sanitation Engineering Corps is a uniform to be worn with pride.[2] This version of the uniform also contains a black belt and purple boots. A dark gray StarCon emblem is on the left breast.


Space suits from this era were primarily white with a black visor.

Station SupervisorEdit

The Station Supervisor's uniform from this era is red with a gray belt and a gold StarCon emblem on the left breast.

Space Quest IIIEdit

Janitor, Second ClassEdit

The uniform of Janitors from this era continues to be a gray uniform, with purple arms and a black belt. The boots had by this time been changed to black. Strangely, the dark gray StarCon emblem moved to the right breast for this period.

Between SQ3 and SQ4 (Hoyle I and Leisure Suit Larry 3)Edit

Janitor, Second ClassEdit

This is the uniform worn by Roger Wilco at the time of the Xenon invasion after Space Quest 3 and before Space Quest IV as chronicled in Hoyle, Book of Card Games, Vol. 1. Similar to what Roger was wearing in SQ3, but has an additional gold neckline (also compare with uniform in Planet Pinball).

Space Quest IVEdit

Janitor, Second ClassEdit

By this era, StarCon had realised their mistake. If dirt didn't show up on a Janitor's uniform, how could they know if they had done any work? Following that logic, Janitors uniforms from this era returned to being white with a black belt, however they continued to have purple arms and black boots. The gray StarCon emblem returned to the left breast.

Planet PinballEdit

Janitor, Second ClassEdit

A uniform variant from the SQ4 era (see also The Adventures of Roger Wilco).

Hoyle 3 & 4Edit

Janitor, Second ClassEdit

These are Roger Wilcos from a non-specific time period based on Space Quest IV.

Space Quest VEdit

StarCon uniforms in this era took a major change. All personnel wore black, knee-high boots, and light gray trousers. All personnel also now had a large, gold StarCon emblem


Cadet's uniforms from this era were blue.


An officer's uniform from this era was blue, the same as a cadet. Rank is shown by between zero and two gold bands on the wrist. It is unknown how to distinguish between a cadet and an officer with no gold bands.


Security personnel wore a standard officer's uniform, however they could be distinguished from other personnel by their gold arm patches.

Military CaptainEdit

Captains assigned to military posts wore purple uniforms, and some of them had simple gold arm patches, perhaps showing seniority.

Non-Military CaptainEdit

Captains assigned to non-military posts wore red uniforms.


Admirals wore uniforms identical to Military Captain's, however could be distinguished by their elaborate arm patches.


Engineers from this era are not known. Cliffy wore clothes more suited to his profession. This may just be Cliffy's choice, and not regulation. Cliffy has a tendency to disregard authority. It is confirmed that his boots are the standard Official StarCon Engineering Boots.

Space Quest 6Edit

Janitor, Second ClassEdit

By this time, the uniform of a Janitor Second Class was brought in line with other StarCon personnel. Keeping with the white top, the StarCon emblem was enlarged into a full patch like the officers. The white trousers were replaced with gray, and also gold shoulder patches are put in place (compare to Planet Pinball uniform in SQ4 era).


StarCon doctors uniform is a turquoise blue, however unlike other personnel that is the color of their trousers too. They also wear a white lab coat whilst on duty.

Security OfficerEdit

Security personnel continue to wear the blue uniform, however they no longer have the gold arm patches due to the changes in other personnels uniforms.

Science OfficerEdit

StarCon obviously wanted a better way of distinguishing between personnel from different departments. Personnel from the science department now wear an orange top, along with the usual gray trousers and black boots.

Communications OfficerEdit

Communications personnel now wear a green top with the usual gray trousers and black boots.

Non-Military CaptainEdit

Non-Military Captains continue with the same red uniform. The Captain shown here is unusual as he does not wear the standard black boots.


Little is known about the new Admiral's uniform, however it would appear that it is now white, with gold arm patches.

EVA SuitEdit

EVA suits from this period look suspiciously similar to a Janitor's uniform. The top half is white, and has purple arms with gold bands around the shoulders and elbows. The bottom half is also white, with white boots and purple bands around the top of the boots. The helmet is also white, with a gold neck.

The Adventures of Roger WilcoEdit

Somewhere in an alternate Space Quest universe...

At least one uniform appears to be a white shirt with white arms (similar to standard uniform in SQ1).

Others wear white with red arms, or white with blue arms (gold rings around shoulders as in Planet Pinall). Grey pants with a gold stripe down the side of each leg.

Boyd's uniform is unique. With short sleeves.

Space Piston ComixEdit

Gold neckline on one uniform. See Hoyle I. Some include gold rings on shoulders.

One uniform is a reverse with red shirt, and grey arms.

A red and white dress uniform.


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