Spike is an acid-squirting face hugger.


Roger discovered "him" in the garbage containment area after routine garbage collection operations near the G6 quadrant. At one point, Roger used Spike to bust out Cliffy from a containment cell at the Space Bar. Roger later beamed Spike over to the Goliath while escaping its emergency detonation. While on board the Goliath, Spike turned out to be Spikette, and had a lot of babies. The little Spikes and Spikettes ran around jumping on people's faces. Roger wasn't sure who the daddy was but suspect it might have been the creatures that came out of that came out o that came out of the panel in the EVA Pod room. Roger had encountered quite a few of the creatures, but never caught one in Spike...Spikette's tank.[1]

Spike/Spikette's species is able to imprint mental messages, thoughts and ideas into the mind of the victim it hugs. Roger was able to read its mind and thoughts during these moments. The creature had an issue distinguishing human gender it saw Roger as its mommy, and Beatrice as its Daddy.[2] It's probably this gender confusion which added to Roger's gender confusion of the creature as well.


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Behind the ScenesEdit

Spike is based on the face-sucking aliens from the Aliens series of science fiction/action films.