Rather desolate, I'd say.

Space Quest XII: Vohaul's Revenge II (aka Space Quest 12, or Space Quest XII--Vohaul's Revenge II (A new beginning)), is a future time sector in which Xenon has been overrun by Sludge Vohaul (in the form of the Vohaul virus) and his minions. A band of rebels is all that remains of Xenon's future inhabitants. Space Quest XII was visited by Roger Wilco by way of Space Quest 4 in his efforts to save Xenon and his son Roger Jr. from Vohaul.

It's indicated that Roger Wilco is 'gone' possibly dead or missing in this time era. Not even Beatrice Wankmeister exists in this era as well.

Behind the scenesEdit

Space Quest XII (unofficial)Edit

The era of Space Quest XII is visited in fan games and fan fiction, see Space Quest XII (unofficial).