Sierra tried on several occasions to revive the series for another episode (called Space Quest VII, or Space Quest 7), the first of these had a working subtitle of "the Return to Roman Numerals", since the previous game was titled Space Quest 6, not Space Quest VI.

Background Edit

We join our hero, Roger Wilco as he attempts to rescue his beloved Beatrice from everybody's arch-enemy Sludge Vohaul. Utilizing his vast intellect Roger concocts a brilliant scheme, and races to Sludge's hideout, risking everything for his girlfriend. Roger straps a JATO rocket to his back and light's it.

Our courageous hero, shows no fear. Look at him, he behaves without regard to his own safety. This man is an inspiration to us all. But what will become of our hero? Will he be able to save Beatrice? ..and what about Vohaul? Will Roger knock him into Space Quest XII where he belongs? What of those annoying arcade sequences? Will Fester Blatz find his true love? And most importantly what will happen to Roger? Let's watch!

Roger Wilco... Brave... Heroic... Not afraid to make a big fat fool of himself.

Space 7 Quest

This time it's personal!

Roger must rescue his beloved Beatrice Wankmeister from all sorts of creeps, including some that look an awful lot like Roger himself (yuck!). Everone's favorite space janitor goes on an intergalactic swab-fest, scouring every planet he runs (crashes) into, trying to find Beatrice before it's too late!

  • Thrill as you get the inside scoop on Space Quest VII: Return to Roman Numerals*
  • Tingle as you witness Roger Strap on a JATO rocket and fly at the side of a mountain.
  • Shiver as you see Roger in his new incarnation, all buffed-up and 3-D rendered.
  • Get goosebumps as you learn of the merger between ScumSoft and D.U.D. Software.
  • Working title only.
  • Roger in Space Quest 7
  • Blasting onto your computer in 1998...
  • That is if management let's us release it. They can be wet blankets you know. No guarantees explicit or implied. Your MHz may very. Remember to always wear your Kidney belt. This statement is good on all planets, except Earth, of course. You know how they can.., uh, never mind.

Typing gag Edit

We join our hero, Roger Wilco, as atts... attemptss... attempts to rescue his beloe... beloved Beatrii... Beatrice from Sludg.

Using his vast intil... intull... brain R thinks up a idea...

Early 1997 - The Space Quest 7 project was started!Edit

In early 1997 Sierra decided to make another Space Quest. The decision was based upon the relatively successful Space Quest 6 (which was released a while back in March 1995) and upon the feedback Sierra was getting from fans all around the planet who demanded to see another Roger Wilco space adventure. Whatever you might have heard about Space Quest 6 sales figures, the game was a success. It sold a lot more copies than Space Quest 5 did. However, it had cost around 5 times more and unfortunately (I'm sure you saw this one coming), it didn't sell 5 times as much. This known fact would later be an argument for the marketing guys to scrap the project.

The design team for Space Quest 7:

  • Scott Murphy - Designer/Writer
  • Leslie Balfour - Designer/Writer
  • Jay Lee - Programming
  • William Shockley - Programming
  • Mark Aro - Graphics
  • Richard Powell - Concept Artist, Character Design, Graphics
  • Tim Loucks - 3D Graphics
  • Lori Lucia - Project Manager
  • Craig Alexander - Project GM

June/July 1997 - Sierra released some basic informationEdit

JM: Fans who purchased the most recent version of the Space Quest Collection were treated to the promotional movie for Space Quest 7. Many of these fans, however, are not aware of the story behind the game's eventual cancellation. Could you give us the full scoop on what happened to Roger's seventh adventure?
SM: The deal with the demo is that it had nothing to do with what Space Quest 7 was supposed to be. It was merely eye candy for management (ugh) and for the Collection.
It never stood a chance. With the unrealistic expectations of the dumb-asses running the Sierra division in Oakhurst and Bellevue at the time, it was doomed from the start. I know that they'd pretty much jerked my heart out of the process. The only good thing about that time was the people I got to work for a while who would have made up the SQ7 team, and they were some great people. Just don't tell the b******s I said that. Nobody reads this crap anyway. Right?[1]

The team is currently developing a Space Quest 7 prototype (which will be a playable demo) and a rolling SQ7 promo, which will be included in the upcoming Space Quest Collection CD-Rom. Since the project is still so young, not much has been decided regarding story line, interface, etc. The team will be trying to introduce a multiplayer aspect to SQ7, as well as a single-player mode. It remains to be decided whether they want to go for the RPG-style multiplayer, or a hybrid. According to Scott Murphy, Space Quest 7 will contain some 3-D elements. However, these elements will NOT require the use of a 3D accelerator card and the game should retain its standard 2-D scrolling view.

Working TitlesEdit

  • Show me the Buckazoids[citation needed]
  • Return of Roman Numerals (working title on the Space Quest Collection Series box)


  • This time it's Personal ("tag line" in the SQ Collector's series "Space Quest 7" trailer) a reference to classic tag lines in other sequel movies like Jaws: The Revenge[1][2]

December 1997 - Space Quest 7 project "on hold indefinitely"Edit

The Space Quest 7 project was being put "on hold indefinitely" around late December, 1997. The reason why was given in this e-mail fans from all around the globe received. It was written by Scott Murphy and Leslie Balfour:

To the Friends and Fans of Space Quest,

As you all know, the path to Space Quest 7 has been long and bumpy, and we were never sure what we would find at the end of the road. The decision has been made, after much soul-searching and agonizing, to put Space Quest 7 on hold indefinitely.

The joy for the team has been in the journey. We've made many friends out there, and it has been quite heartening to know that Roger Wilco has so many fans. I look forward to continuing the friendships I've developed over the last year. But Sierra is in the process of many changes, and we had to take a hard look at whether a Space Quest 7 project made sense. Unfortunately for those of us who love Roger and his stupid antics, other projects just have more to offer both to the company and to our customers in general at this time.

Please don't worry about the team. We will all move to other projects at Sierra On-Line. Many of us will go over to the Babylon 5 space combat game, which will be coming out in Holiday 1998. Others will go over to the B5 adventure game, which will also come out in 1999. Both of these products will reflect Sierra's commitment to excellence in space games, and I hope you'll consider playing them if you have the opportunity.

I am sending this email to those of you who have sent me mail lately. Please pass the information on to any Space Quest fans I inadvertently omitted.

Finally, don't be sad for Roger. Just think of him as weary from making us laugh for all these years, ready for a break from his adventures. He and la Wankmeister want to settle down, raise a family. And perhaps as we look up in the sky, a distant star will remind us that somewhere, in a distant galaxy, Roger Wilco is probably getting pantsed.

Thanks again for all your support,

The Space Quest Team

-Leslie Balfour

-Scott Murphy

Later worksEdit

This project was eventually restarted in 1999, and pitched to management, but ultimately did not have enough support to continue within the company. Few details are known about the SQ7 relaunch, save that there was one very ardent supporter, who later left Vivendi.


In the file manager in Space Quest 6, there is a drawer labeled "SQ7".

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