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These are listings of all the Omnipedia's articles concerning life-forms related to the Space Quest universe, whether real or fictional, sentient or non-sentient, friendly or hostile, and other similar contrast pairings, as well as the various locales in which those life-forms reside:

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These are examples of articles which we feel best embody the quality to which all of our Omnipedia articles should aspire. Please feel free to nominate any articles you think are worthy (and feel even more free to help create more worthy articles!)

Excerpt from Monolith Burger

One of Monolith Burger's 2.5 million franchises.

One of Monolith Burger's 2.5 million franchises.

Open to everyone who can follow their simple "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy, Monolith Burger offers a completely unhealthy menu for those among you who just can't live without fast food. Their franchises are frequented by uncountable species every day. They even offer a full-featured arcade featuring such classics as Astro Chicken, for those who aren't entertained solely by their food.

The only fast food chain to survive the infamous "Food Wars", Monolith has reached the highest level in the fast-food industry by getting mentioned in the Galactic Inquirer, and who can blame them - their "food" is revolting! The decor, like the menu, is the same throughout the galaxy. Booths with plastomold seats and tables are available for your discomfort, and a menu will be hanging from the ceiling over the counter.

More in Monolith Burger.

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