EGA version of Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter. The EGA version was released for customers who's PCs did not meet the requirements.


Space Quest I was given an overhaul in 1991 when it was remade using Sierra's new SCI language, which allowed the game to upgrade from its original AGI graphics (EGA/Tandy) to SCI EGA. This version was released on August 20th, 1991, and in addition to the swanky-new higher res EGA graphics, drawn deliberately in a 50's B-movie style, it now featured digitized sounds and an icon interface.

Several of the puzzles from the original game were changed or replaced with new solutions.

Fans are sharply divided between which version of the game they prefer: many prefer the rich graphical layout of the 1991 remake, while others enjoy the historical purity of the original.

Differences from VGA versionEdit

The escape pod's warp had different effect than the released VGA version.
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