The term Space Quest 7 refers to several different games. See the below referenced documents for details.

Spacequest LoreEdit

Unreleased GamesEdit

  • Space Quest 7 (Sierra) - After the release of Space Quest 6, Sierra began work on a sequel, headed by Leslie Balfour. It was put on hold and later canceled before completion. There was at least one other attempt to resurrect it.
  • Space Quest (Escape Factory) - While work was proceeding on the fan sequel, a company named Escape Factory was hired by Sierra to begin work on a new official title. After a time, it was also canceled.
  • Space Quest 7: the Musical- advertised at the cinema

Fan games (unreleased)Edit


Dougie, an image from Sierra's SQ7

Sq7 roger render2

Roger Wilco, from

C char colour

A character from Escape Factory's rumored SQ7 title