Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier

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Josh Mandel and Scott Murphy



Release date





Single player


Everyone (6+)

  • Comic Mischief
  • Mild Animated Violence

DOS or Windows



System Requirements

386 CPU; 8MB RAM; Video: SuperVGA; Sound cards: Adlib, General MIDI, Microsoft Sound System, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland MT-32, Sound Blaster;2X CD-ROM


Keyboard or Mouse

SQ6 was released in 1995 and ran on the last version of the SCI engine, SCI32. This allowed it to use SuperVGA graphics at a 640x480 resolution with 256 colors. It abandoned the tradition of other SCI games by not having the interface in a pull down bar at the top of the screen; instead it had a verb bar window along the bottom of the game, like LucasArts' SCUMM games. The graphics style also changed to be more cartoon-like in appearance than in previous games. It was the last to be officially released in the SQ series. The most notable uses of SVGA in the game occur in the intro with the exterior shot of the DeepShip and the lightspeed shots of the shuttle.

Due to management issues, many hints were omitted from the game, making several puzzles harder to solve than originally intended. To get past the first thug in the apartment, you have to put the Pelvis rug on the floor and dance on it to generate static electricity, which you use to electricute him. You then have to look at the titles of CD-ROMs to get one that gives you information on how to convert the Datacorder into a homing beacon. However, this hint does not tell you how to do it, which was unintended. The information was supposed to be in the magazine, but was put into the manual instead.

It also appears that the developers wanted to act as if Space Quest V never happened. Roger is demoted to janitor and is expelled from Star Con Academy. Very few references are made to Space Quest V. Even though Stellar acts as a new love interest for Roger, the game barely maintains continuity that Roger's love interest must remain with Beatrice.

Things We Don't Hear in Space Quest 6 Edit


A cut description of one of the guys in the Cyberspace office. File:ABitMoldy.mp3

Roger doesn't feel so good (Stellar's body, bile duct?) File:ABitQueasy.mp3

Roger and the narrator argue, part 1 File:Argue1.mp3

Roger and the narrator argue, part 2 File:Argue2.mp3

Roger and the narrator argue, part 3 File:Argue3.mp3

Roger and the narrator argue, part 4 File:Argue4.mp3

Roger and the narrator argue, part 5 File:Argue5.mp3

Roger and the narrator argue, part 6 File:Argue6.mp3

In a reality alternate to ours, Roger doesn't automatically pick up Circuit Sidney's arm...and if you don't make him, he says this (DS86, 8-Rear). File:BeforeSomeoneHurls.mp3

Gary Owens didn't really need to reuse this line...but it's in the resource file, what can I say? File:Bigger.mp3

William Hall (Roger's voice actor) reminds us that he is only human. File:Blooper.mp3

The first line is used in the game...but the second one wasn't...and it sure should've been, darn it! (Stellar's body, appendix) File:BudgeIt.mp3

A death message voiceover from Roger?? That doesn't seem quite right (DS86, SQ6 Demo). File:Digits.mp3

Dorff in one of his "surfer dude" moments. File:DudeDorff.mp3

Kielbasa doing his Jebba the Hop imitation, and making a major whoopsie in his message for Roger. Listen carefully. (DS86, Roger's Quarters) File:Kielbasa.mp3

A hilarious description of the overhead light at the Mr. Soylent, which was strangely cut from the game. File:Light.mp3

Another death message voiceover by Roger. Back from the dead? (SQ6 demo, ??) File:Linger.mp3

Some narration that really wasn't needed...for several reasons. (Stellar's body, nose) File:Nose.mp3

We might've gotten this message if we used the EYES cursor on Sharpei. But the Fates didn't smile upon us this time... File:Old.mp3

Roger, in a moment of adventure game anxiety (Cyberspace office). File:Puzzles.mp3

A variation on Roger and Dr. Beleauxs' discussion on saving Stellar. File:RogBelVar1.mp3

Roger and Beleauxs' discussion, contd. File:RogBelVar2.mp3

A variation on Roger's escape from Sharpei's room. File:RogStelVar1.mp3

Another variation on Roger's escape. Yes, I know it's strange. File:RogStelVar2.mp3

A cute bit of wordplay, can't imagine why this was cut (Stellar's body, meninges) File:ThisFeelsWeird.mp3

Hmm. I wonder why this was scrapped. (Stellar's body, inner brain) File:Yeow.mp3

LOOK message left out of the game. (Orion's Belt, second floor) File:Vomit1.mp3

HAND message left out of the game. (Orion's Belt, second floor) File:Vomit2.mp3

This one describes the rubber duck in Nigel and Singent's apartment. File:BathToy.mp3

This is what the narrator says if you try to take the rubber duck in Nigel and Singent's apartment. File:Bird.mp3

Problems listening to the files? Space Quest Omnipedia:Media help.

Credits Edit

Voice Cast


  • Josh Mandel
  • Scott Murphy

Lead Programming

Steve Conrad


  • Oliver Brelsford
  • Sterling Butts
  • Arijit De
  • Michael Lytton
  • William Shockley


  • Michael Hutchinson
  • Karin Nestor
  • Frances Anne Powell
  • John Shroades
  • Barry Sundt
  • Christopher Willis
  • Deanna Yhalkee


  • Dan Kehler
  • Neal Grandstaff
  • (Soylent Green Vocals done by Lana Roberts)


  • Jon Meek
  • Kelli Spurgeon
  • Richard Spurgeon

Art Director

  • Michael Hutchinson
  • John Schroades


  • Lori Lucia
  • Leslie Balfour


Oliver Brelsford

Writing/Dialogu /Story

  • Josh Mandel
  • Scott Murphy

Quality Assurance

Jon Meek Special Thanks To

  • Darlou Gams
  • Lori Lucia
  • J. Mark Hood
  • Leslie Balfour
  • Cyndi Wharton

Continuity ErrorEdit

One of the things which prevents Roger from receiving a major penalty in court is his "successful return of the SCS Eureka", which in fact was destroyed in Space Quest V.

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