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Space Quest: A Son of Xenon is a fan made Space Quest game that acts as a sequel to Space Quest -1: Decisions of the Elders.


"A Son of Xenon" is a non-profit fan-made adventure game and prequel to Space Quest.

It looks like Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon (or Police Quest 2 or Larry 2) which means: 320x200 EGA graphics with a lot of dithering effects; It's icon controlled, though, and the music is more advanced, too.

The plot starts on Roger’s home planet (shortly before Space Quest I) and we get to know a hardworking smart Roger, a true son of Xenon. We will learn how he became the guy we love and there's this thing with the sun which seems to be dying...

Roger spends the first part of the game (other chapters will follow - hopefully) in his office and studio apartment. When Roger, ending up in a bar, meets a woman who is simply too gorgeous to be true, a story of love and betrayal unfolds...

For those who have played my first game “Decisions of the Elders”. “A Son of Xenon” takes place some 20 years later and is considered more mature than its predecessor.

Behind the scenes[]

Only the first chapter has been released, and ends on a cliffhanger.

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