Gender: Male
Species: Swineoid
Profession and/or purpose:

Fast Food Franchise Manager

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Josh Mandel

Snarkgurgle Snuffleslurple, The Younger is the Manager of the Galaxy Galleria branch of Monolith Burger[1] is a gruff, sexist, unpersonable (not to mention ugly) individual. He seems to have problems with high employee turnover, possibly due to the fact that he's extremely intolerant of mistakes (if not also due to his deplorable personality).

Game Involvement Edit

After finally gaining entrance to the interior of the Xenon Dome in Space Quest 12, Roger found that there were convenient PocketPal slots located all over the place. (No doubt a holdover from when the Super Computer was under the benign control of the people of Xenon, before Vohaul arrived.) He decided to back in time and return to the Galaxy Galleria to see if he could buy an appropriate PocketPal connector.

Unfortunately, he found himself short on buckazoids, and while the ATM card he absconded with from Zondra promised a means of getting some, he had to be able to fool the AutoBucks Teller Machine into thinking he was her first. And that meant getting enough buckazoids to at least buy a disguise, first.

Fortunately, it seems that the manager of the local Monolith Burger was hiring. He was all too eager to teach Roger how to make burgers for him, and pay one buckazoid per burger made. Roger was able to last long enough to make enough money for his disguise, but eventually the assembly line just started going too fast for him, and he screwed up one too many times.

The Manager tossed Roger out on his ear, ranted at him, threw his cigar for further emphasis, and stalked back into the store. Roger dusted himself off and decided to carry on (since he was now money-enabled), though he stowed the fallen cigar, just in case.

If Roger hadn't managed to earn enough money before getting fired, he probably could have begged the Manager to let him have another chance, though that would only work so many times before the Manager would get sick of him.

If Roger had tried to fool the Manager into hiring him one last time by visiting Monolith Burger while dressed as Zondra, that also would have been ineffective, since Monolith Burger (or this particular branch, at least) apparently has a "No Female Employees" policy.

It also has a strict "No shirt, no shoes, no service" policy, so all adventurers who have suffered the indignity of having their pants vaporized by scorned women must buy new attire before entering.

Dialogue Edit


"No shirt (snort), no shoes (snort), no service! "




"We're out of it! (snort) We're out of everything, including employees."


"Would ya like to apply for a job?"


"You would, huh? (snort) Well, this is the greatest opportunity you've ever had, kid. (snort) Benefits up the wazoo, and if you stick with me a half-hour or so, (snort) I'll make ya my Assistant Manager. Now, how would ya like that?"


"This is so easy (snort), a human could probably do it. Burger comes out of the oven. Drop on your lettuce (snort), your pickle (snort), squeeze on your mayo (snort), squirt on your mustard (snort), on goes the ketchup (snort), top it off with your sesame seed bun. You make 'em my way, and if you mess up enough times, you're outta here! (snort) Got it?"


"If ya need to know how to run the assembly line, read the sign. Just click it with the mouse or press R."


"You're fired! (snort) My janitor could do a better job than you could."


"Oh, you again. (snort) What do you want?"


"You would, huh? (snort) Well, this is the greatest op - eh... you've heard the pitch before. Just don't screw up, or I'll land ya on yer ear again. (snort) Got it?"


"I'm tired of firin' ya. (snort) Now scram!"


"What can I do for ya, doll?"


"No can do (snort), what with you bein' (snort) female and all."


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