Gender: Male
Species: human clone
Profession and/or purpose:
  • Arch-Villain
  • Scientist
  • General megalomaniac trying to take over the universe
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Voice Actor(s):

Scott Murphy

Sludge Vohaul is the arch-enemy of Roger Wilco and the main antagonist of Space Quest I, II and IV. He is an evil clone of Slash Vohaul, Elmo Vohaul Pug's great-great-grand-clone and uncle of Raemes T. Quirk[1]. He is the boss of the Sariens, Apemen, and the Sequel Police.[2] It is implied that Sharpei has some sort of family link with Vohaul.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sludge Vohaul is the evil clone of Slash Vohaul, he was once like other humans but became twisted.[3][4] In the old days, he used to test his inventions and creations on himself. But based on his appearance, being his own guinea pig had its own disadvantages.[5]

Sludge claims he was the genius behind the Star Generator when it was still in the concept stages. It was to be his ultimate war weapon until some Elder scientists (including Slash Vohaul)[6] decided it would be better used saving lives rather than destroying them.[7] While Sludge may have designed the concept, Slash Vohaul was considered better researcher and invented the actual technology. From that point on, the cyborg Sludge was allowed to specialize only in the development of articial sweeteners and processed cheese foods. He vowed he would take revenge on the Federation that did that to him[8]

During Space Quest 1 Vohaul had the Sariens steal the Star Generator prototype from the Arcada, and employed them to defend it and execute his plan to use it as a weapon. However, his plan ended up being defeated by Roger.[9]

Roger eventually learned the full details of Vohaul's previous plan when he was captured by Vohaul's henchman, and brought before him in Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress orbiting Labion during Space Quest 2. At that time Vohaul was devising a new plan to unleash door-to-door salesmen upon Xenon. Roger was eventually able to kill Vohaul by stopping up his life support system.

Sludge Vohaul continued to be a problem after his death when another of his plots (or that of one of his clones) lead to the Sarien invasion of Xenon and the capture of the second Star Generator by a combination of Sariens, cloned insurance salesman, troopers and the Pirates of Pestulon. Although Roger became trapped in the Hoyle program during this event just as he was about to save the Generator he escaped and saved the universe.

However, Roger still ended up encountering Vohaul again. It seems that Vohaul, in amazing foresight, had placed his thought patterns on a Leisure Suit Larry disk at some point during SQ2.

In the future, the government of Xenon (who coincidentally had also developed time travel abilities by that time) loaded up the infected Leisure Suit Larry software into their systems (which now controlled Xenon), and Vohaul was essentially re-animated. He sent Sequel Police to capture Roger in the Space Quest 4 era, but Roger's son, Roger Jr, managed to save him. Roger (Sr.) was sent to the Space Quest 12 era to stop Vohaul; however, Junior was captured while Roger was occupied in his task. Roger eventually managed to stop Vohaul yet again and save his son.

Vohaul, who would have seemed to have been killed for good this time, was the victim of Roger's superior abilities (or dumb luck) with computers.

But perhaps not, it is rumored that changes in Space Quest IV (including the Space Quest X: Latex Babes of Estros and SQ12 time zones) are largely due to yet another of Vohaul's petty revenges.[10] Although Roger believes he finished him off, he worried about the return of his archenemy while exploring the bowels of Stellar Santiago's body. Vohaul still made him have to change his underwear more than the average person, There were things in there he would not have wished upon his old nemesis.[11] As long as Vohaul can be cloned or have his memory copied to another computer or body, the possibility of Vohaul's return is infinite.

Nicknames and Titles[edit | edit source]

  • The Granddaddy of Gross
  • The Emperor of Evil
  • The First Name in Nastiness
  • The Supreme Being of All That Exists
  • Master
  • Overlord
  • His Lardness
  • Grudge Vohaul
  • Slime/Mr. Slime
  • Slop
  • Porky
  • Fatback/Old Fatback.
  • Mass Master[12]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In the games there isn't a clear explanation as to who Slash and Sludge Vohaul are. Infact its strongly implied in SQ2 that Sludge and Slash may have been one and the same individual, as Sludge claims to be the genius behind the Star Generator and makes no reference to Slash (in SQ1 Slash claims to be the genius behind the Star Generaor and makes no reference to Sludge).[13]

The Space Quest Companion added the idea that Slash Vohaul warned of his evil clone, and the Sariens in the datadisk. The book also extended Vohaul's explanation of his plan to include mentions of Slash being the person who designed the Star Generator (and Sludge being jealous of him). Thus separating the two into separate characters more directly.

In The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures, Roger Wilco gives Sludge Vohaul several nicknames, Slime/Mr. Slime, Slop, Porky and Fatback/Old Fatback.

In SQ2, the narrator calls him His Lardness.

In SQ6, Roger sees things inside Stellar's intestines he wouldn't even wish on Sludge Vohaul.

Sludge Vohaul (unofficial)[edit | edit source]

Sludge Vohaul appears in the fan fiction, see Sludge Vohaul (unofficial)

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Space Quest II[edit | edit source]

"Well, I'll be darned! My miniaturization beam DOES work." In the old days, I'd test these things on myself. But as you may have noticed by my appearance, being my own guinea has had its disadvantages."

Space Quest 4[edit | edit source]

As Himself[edit | edit source]


"Off to Magmetheus with you, then. It is time for Wilco to meet the fate which I have crafted for him."

"Hello, Roger Wilco. Surprised to see an old friend? You have no idea how special this moment is for me. This is no chance encounter, I can assure you."

"I have just one loose end to tie up before I begin my reign as the supreme being of all that exists."

"I do not like to lose! You were a blemish on what would otherwise be a perfect record of domination, terror, and invincibility. Besides, I'm still a bit miffed about that asteroid deal in Space Quest 2."

"Anyway, to relieve the pain of my humiliation, and prevent you from being a pain in my... future, you must die. It's been nice seeing you one last time. Men, do the dirty deed."

"Well, what have we here?"

"That is no longer a concern."

"Wilco will surrender to us once he has learned we have captured his son."

"Then he will be destroyed, once and for all. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

"Take a good look, Roger!"

"Remember this poor, wretched soul, for he is your son."

Possessing Roger Jr.[edit | edit source]

"Ah-ha-hah! Hello again, Roger. It's me, your old friend, Sludge Vohaul. I've taken the liberty of 'borrowing' your son's body. I had to remove him first, to make room for my mental self. His is on this disk. Say, it's most enjoyable to be in a young, healthy body, even if it's from your bloodline."

"In fact, I like it so much, I think I'll keep it. I guess we'll have no use for this, anymore."

"Now it's time to settle things, once and for all. You'd better be careful, though. Keep this in mind: If I die while in this body, that disk will be useless. Your son will never draw another breath. And if you don't defend yourself, you will never live to buff another helmet."

"Come on! Show me what you've got, mop jockey!"

"Is that the best effort you can muster? All this 'space hero' nonsense must be getting to you. You're getting old, Roger. I, on the other hand, am enjoying the physical joys of youth."

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Images[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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