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You Lose Homeboy!

Slot machine created by the Gippazoid Novelty Company, found in many places including the Rocket Bar at Ulence Flats. Although it can be highly profitable, it also has a rather nasty booby prize - death!!! From the pile of vaporized particles found at the back of the bar, it would appear that it is a common occurrence. It is rumored that there is a cheat for the machine: something to do with yelling "Holy Shit" at it!

Roger Wilco played the slot machine at the Rocket Bar in order to win enough money to purchase a navigational droid and a ship. He also managed to break it - much to the annoyance of the bartender.

There are various payouts for the slot machine.

Behind the Scenes Edit

In the EGA version, in order to win at Slots-O-Death, you have to use save-and-load until you get enough money to destroy the machine. In the VGA version, you use the magnet you acquire on the Arcada.

The name is a pun on "lots o' death", referring to its tendency to kill most players.

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