Gender: Male
Species: Human Clone
Profession and/or purpose:
  • Scientist
  • Elder
  • Professor
  • Doctor
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Slash Vohaul was the inventor of the Star Generator, and leading member of the Star Generator Project. Sludge Vohaul was his evil clone. He was the brother of Lady Vohaul-Quirk, Raemes T. Quirk was his nephew, and Elmo Vohaul Pug another clone. He was stationed aboard the Starlab Arcada, and was one of the Arcada's science Elders, a Professor and a Doctor. He is one of the head lab scientists on board the Arcada. He was shot by the Sariens.


Slash was the human clone chosen to research and build the Star Generator by the StarConfederation, after the Cyborg Sludge was banned from the project, and forced to specialize in artificial sweeteners and processed cheese foods. This maddened Sludge driving him to attempt revenge on the people of Xenon.[1] In the case of his sudden demise he recorded a message asking a brave hero to stop the Sariens and his evil degenerate clone.

While on board the Arcada, Roger discovered him entering through the hatch of the Data Archive. He had been shot by the Sariens, and collapsed in the center of the room. He briefly told Roger Wilco that Sariens had attacked the ship, and told him to find a cartridge containing the plans to the Star Generator, Astral Body (Astral Body Formation: The Untold Story). (Or randomized in the VGA remake) The Sariens had stolen the Star Generator for his evil clone Sludge Vohaul. In his dieing breath, Slash had warned Roger Wilco, and the universe, of his insane clone. He had even included his final warning in the data cart he had rescued from the Arcada. The cart also contained the secret plans for the Star Generator.[2][3]

Slash's messageEdit

Whosoever shall read this: My name is Dr. Slash Vohaul.[4] I am the chief scientist in charge of the Xenon Star Generator Project[5] aboard the Starlab Arcada.[6]
If you are reading this, then I am most likely dead, and the known universe is in grave and serious danger.[7]
We have just successfully completed development and testing of The Star Generator.[8] We have learned to harnest powers so awesome and mighty that it will provide our people with cheap, abundant non-polluting energy for eons to come.[9] During this time I have come to believe that our progress has been monitored by others.[10] I have recently learned that someone, or something, hostile to both our way of life and our very existence, has learned of our success. I suspect that it might be my degenerate, evil clone Sludge Vohaul.[11] I fear that the Sariens may have learned of our mission.[12]
If my fears prove true, The Star Generator and the people of our universe are in serious jeopardy.[13] If he and his Sarien henchman get their hands on the Star Generator, then we'll be up the Milky Way without a lightsail.[14]
The Star Generator is a miraculous device. Used as intended, it will help preserve life for eons to come. Used as a device for evil, it would cause the destrucdtion of millions of lives and enslave all who oppose the Sariens.
Encoded within this cartridge are all plans and specifications for the construction of the Star Generator. Should any disaster befall the Star Generator project, scientists would be able to create a duplicate of teh Star Generator with this information.
Please guard this with your life. Return it to the Xenon ruling body as quickly as possible.[15] Don't let Sludge conquer the universe.[16]
Important note: The Star Generator is capable of self-destruction. This was introduced to the system as a precaution. To activate it one must enter the code: 6858.[17]
A five minute timer will begin to count down. Beware - anyone within five kilometers of the Star Generator will be in danger once the timer has been initiated. Please be careful and good luck!

Behind the scenesEdit

Some believe Slash changed his name to Sludge, others believe they are brothers. It is said that designer Scott Murphy has said the two Vohauls were intended to be brothers (siamese twins even), and while evil Sludge invented the Generator as a weapon of destruction, nice guy Slash planned to use it for the good of the universe.[18]

Beyond single reference in Space Quest I, there are no other references to Slash Vohaul in the Space Quest Games. In fact, in Space Quest II, Sludge Vohaul says he was behind the Star Generator when it was still in its concept stages, thus implying he had invented the Star Generator. Whereas in SQ1 it is said that Slash invented the Star Generator. Thus for Sludge to have invented the device, he would infact have to be Slash Vohaul. It is revealed in SQ2 that he concocted a plan to steal his own Generator from the scientists. Some portions of the cartridge's message did not appear in the VGA remake of Space Quest 1, either.

The official and authorized Space Quest Companion (which was written with help from Mark Crowe) goes further to explain that Slash and Sludge are clones, with Sludge being the evil clone of Slash. It reveals that Slash had been the one that ultimately went onto invent the actual Star Generator technology, and that Sludge had tried to steal it with the help of the Sariens in order to take revenge. It is possible that Mark Crowe's perspective is a little different that Scott Murphy's position, and Scott had no input into the Companions (only Mark is listed in both editions as offering help, and they were written when SQ5 was going into development).

Its implied that that the scientist seen dieing in Space Quest I is actually the dying Slash Vohaul. He is the one that points Roger Wilco to a hidden cartridge containing Slash's last warning, and the star generator plans. It seems this was the scientist's last precaution in an attempt to save the galaxy in case the Star Generator got into the wrong hands. In the novelizations Roger doesn't make this connection however (in the Companion, but seems to be deferring to calling him by honorific in the Roger's Space Adventures). In The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures, the scientist is known simply as the Professor, or Doctor (to be fair that is "the professor" and he does seem to indicate he is head of the project), in the Space Quest Companion, he is known as the Elder, and Roger makes no connection between him and later name on the cart. However, in Space Quest II novel in the Companion, it implies that Roger was warned about the stolen Star Generator by Slash, and was given information on how to find his data cart.[19] Though at the time he talked to the man, he didn't know his name.

Still the possibility remains the professor and Slash were intended to be separate characters. It has never been completely clear.

In the The Adventures of Roger Wilco comic, the professor/Slash Vohaul is known as Dr. Matthew Frye. In the comic Roger knows the doctor's name, and that he is the inventor of the generator tying the scientist directly to the star generator (but replacing the Vohauls altogether).

Unused materialEdit

In Space Quest I VGA, Slash Vohaul is the only in-game character that doesn't have an oval shaped speech portrait. However, in the game files, there is one, in the same View as the used pink square shaped speech portrait animation (see SQ1VGA development for more details).

Slash Vohaul (unofficial)Edit

Slash is mentioned in fan games, see Slash Vohaul (unofficial).


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