Sharpei was an aged widow living on Delta Burksilon V and looking to achieve "endless" life through the efforts of the aptly-named "Project Immortality". She was associated with Dr. Beleauxs, and together they attempted to kidnap Roger Wilco and use his body for the advancement of their project, but they got Stellar Santiago instead.



Sharpei's Nanite Body

Luckily for Stellar, Roger was able to jack into Cyberspace and find out Sharpei's plans. Sharpei's brain had been transformed and placed inside a Nanite, and had taken over Stellar's brain. Roger confronted Dr. Beleauxs and convinced him to help. Roger was shrunk and injected into Stellar's body.


Roger captured by Sharpei

After dealing with the other Nanites, Roger located Sharpei. Although he managed to destroy her Nanite shell, Sharpei was not yet dead. She re-emerged and captured Roger. It was only Roger's (surprisingly) quick thinking, and Sharpei's love of brain food, that destroyed her and saved Stellar.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Based on description of the purpose of Project Inmortality it appears that Sharpei is of "Humankind" i.e. Human but of extreme age. However her brain appears to have undergone some kind of alien mutation being capable of moving on its own accord and having prehensile tentacles. However this may also be some kind of nanite with bio mechanical elements she has uploaded her mind to in the process of copying her mind to anew body. Stellar herself appears be from one earth derived humanoid species making her compatible with the process.
  • Based on the direction of The Space Quest Companion took the Space Quest Saga, more than likely Sharpei would have ended up having a connection to Sludge Vohaul in some form if a third edition had been published. How she could have been connected can only be speculated. One possibility is that she is Slash and Sludge Vohaul's sister (Lady Vohaul-Quirk). Their sister was the mother of Raemes Tipper Quirk. She had groomed her son to become the High Grand Master and Commander of the Star Con Fleet over a century before SQ6. Another possibility is that Sludge Vohaul was one of her former husbands. It is also possible that Sharpei and Sludge Vohaul are connected by Project: Immortality. Both Sharpei and Sludge Vohaul were all driven to stay alive and finding new bodies to replace their own (to do this both had technology that could transfer the mind of one person to another). To a lesser degree even Raems Quirk was concerned with extending his own life and remaining young (which might tie Primordial Soup into Project Immortality). It is possible that even Elmo Pug's software R & D may have been behind the development of the technology used to backup both Sludge Vohaul and Sharpei's minds, connecting yet another Vohaul villain into Project Immortality.
  • Sharpei's theme music is the same as the music for Ooga Booga Land in King's Quest VII, also a Sierra title. In King's Quest VII, one of the protagonists is Queen Valanice of Daventry (the kingdom over which she and her husband King Graham, reign), who is voiced also by Carol Bach y Rita (who voiced Sys Inny, and Stellar Santiago in SQ6). King's Quest VII was released around the same time as Space Quest 6, and used the same technology.
  • Shapei is voiced by Lucille Bliss.


Shar Pei is a breed of dog who are famous for their deep wrinkles.