ScumSoft logo, SQ3

ScumSoftSoftware Galactic Headquarters is a front organization for the Pirates of Pestulon and a division of Vohaul Enterprises[1], which has a base of operations on Pestulon. It is a software development company led by Elmo Pug. It became defunct after its acquisition by Sierra Cosmos On-line.


Accounting DepartmentEdit

The ArenaEdit

Scumsoft employees often come down here to see Nukem Dukem matches.


It is apparent that the companies efforts were mostly concerned with establishing some sort of military base rather than computer games. It is unknown as to why the company needed the following:

  • an extremely powerful cloaking device/shield found on Ortega in an extinct volcano. This machine had the power to not only hide the moon of Pestulon from visual sight, it virtually wiped it off of the galactic atlas.
  • a small observation base on the planet that was routinely visited by the pirates. It included a telescope for viewing the machine, an unknown communications device with a small dish, a long metal pole used for measuring wind, and a box of thermal detonators.
  • Each of the pirates was given military standard uniforms complete with firearms. (Jello-shooter pistol and rifle)
  • The base itself was a massive, mostly underground, complex. Complete with many offices, a landing bay, a fighting arena, and a supposed medical wing where Elmo Pug was born. The entrance was a small opening in the surface, surrounded by invisible electric fencing. Behind that are large, cone shaped objects. In the distance, a very large dish (probably the machine that picked up the cloaking rays from Ortega) can be seen in the distance.
  • The interior is comprised of numerous red-walled office cubicles. Each one is filled with software technicians and other personnel, so far into their work, they don't notice the janitor come in to clean their waste baskets. Scattered throughout the base is numerous office tools. Charts, pictures of the boss, a water cooler, etc. Sometimes to boost productivity, men cracking whips force the workers to trudge on endlessly (One of which resembles Sierra Online. CEO Ken Williams.)
  • The Scumsoft Skull Fighter is a revolutionary fighting craft. Top secret of course, it is most likely produced on the moon of Pestulon. See Skull Fighter.
  • The prisoner chamber, identified by the doors as the "third one", is a platform rising out of the center of a seemingly endless shaft. Bridges can be extended to the platform for access.

Scumsoft is home to nearly countless employees. Walking around, one sees all are deeply immersed within their work. However, in some sections, slave drivers crack whips to keep the programmers working (one of them bears a striking resemblance to Ken Williams.)

Titles published by ScumSoft include flops such as Stuntflogger, Aquatron and Scumword, as well as Astro Chicken, Ms. Astro Chicken, the Stooge Fighter series, Checkerboard Construction Kit, Tic-Tac-Toe Construction Kit, and Cluck Egger's Advanced Chicken Simulator.

Cultural referencesEdit

'ScumSoft' is most likely a reference to Sierra competitor LucasArts' SCUMM engine. Although the company's ingame logo is reminiscent of console game maker Sunsoft's logo, the logo as seen above their headquarters entrance appears to be based on that of Sierra competitor Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Elmo Pug strikes a great resemblance to Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft. Aside from the red jaundice of his skin, of course.

Plot InconsistencyEdit

When disguised as the Scumsoft janitor, if you walk out onto the platform and see the Aluminum Mallard, it shows Roger in his normal lavander and grey space janitor threads, even though he's in the Scumsoft janitor outfit! Unless he has the power to change his clothes in the half second it takes to switch the screen, the two Guys goofed up!


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