In the Space Quest X era, Scott Murphy was seen visiting Estros[1], before he joined Mark Crow, where the two guys were showing off their latest game to the fans at Software Excess.

Following their success on Space Quest IV, the Two Guys had a bit of a fallout and breakup. Mark Crowe was exposed to actually be a Human from Earth. Scott Murphy disappeared for a time. He had a brief comeback with Space Quest 6 (which may also exposed him to be a Human as well). 

Scott Murphy became formerly of the hip comedy software duo "Two Guys from Andromeda" going a standout solo job of standout outer space and inner space adventure.

Behind the scenesEdit

Based on Scott Murphy (developer).

Scott Murphy's beard was brown in SQ3 and boxart on earlier game boxes. But in SQ4 and SQ1 remake (and Planet Pinball Level 2) his beard was red.


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