Sarien Spider Droid

Model: Spider Droid
Designated Purpose:

Search and Destroy

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G12 Explosive Device



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The Sarien Spider Droid was created and used by the Sariens. The Spider Droid is designed to be given a target and then search down said target and destroy it. Equipped with a G12 Explosive device, the Spider Droid has enough power to take down an Orat or the occasional Xenon janitor. It was once featured in Space Piston Magazine.

Background Edit

Shortly after crash landing on Kerona, Roger found himself being chased by a Sarien Spider Droid. The various accounts of his victory over the device is unclear. Roger once claimed he pried and rolled a large rock boulder off the stone bridge spanning the Desert Cliffs onto the spider[1]. He also personally claimed to have tried to drop a piece of bone from the spine of a giant skeleton on the droid. However his details are not consistent, he has both claimed to have successfully dropped the bone on the droid[2], and other times claimed to have missed. Roger has also claimed to have lured a Sarien Spider Droid into a cave and used it to kill the Orat that resided there[3] (although his claims for how he killed the Orat are inconsistent as well). Its unclear if this is just another side effect of his time travel, compulsive lying, or if he actually destroyed three spider droids and two orats.


Sarien Spider Droids come in three different varieties, an all black spider droid, and a silver metal variety depending on the time sector. As well as one that shoot out 'phospheresent venom'.

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