Fan multiplayer version of Space Quest I and Space Quest II built on a original copy of Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (generously made 'freeware' to and Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge.

This version adds the ability to change the player's 'avatar' to different characters from various AGI games (currently the inter game resources appears to be disabled, but its still possible to switch between different appearances from the game itself).

Another feature is to jump around from location to location. Players that meet in the same location can 'chat' with each other. Speech bubbles appear above each character.

It is compatible over PC, Mac, and Ipad.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source] used to include both SQ1 and SQ2 on their game list, but were given cease and desist when they attempted to port to IOS browsers format. Activision however gave permission to keep up the first games of each series (Police Quest, King's Quest, and Space Quest), as sort of freeware advertising for the collections (note while they have permission to host the games as part of, the games themselves are not legal to download). also had a copy of Leisure Suit Larry up but that game belongs to Codemasters, and they haven't obtained rights. It was removed about the same time as the rest of the games.

Likewise they had copy of Gold Rush (but kept it up after gaining permission from Activision), however Gold Rush belongs to The Software Farm and is still currently being sold (and in the process of being remade as well). It was later removed.

They still maintain a copy of Black Cauldron, but that game likely belongs to Disney (and is in copyright limbo). It's unlikely has permission to upload it.

They have since put up Space Quest II, and King's Quest II and III again (but still claim to only have permission to host the 'first episodes' of each series).[1]

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