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Knoggsville, Sar

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Sariens (original version)


Sariens are green-colored, bipedal humanoid insectoids. They are usually hairless, although there are accounts of Sariens with green-hair (see Sarien commander, but this appears to be rare. They have red eyes, and no visible ears. In size and general form, however, humans and Sariens were pretty much similar.[1]

The Sariens are the nomads of the galaxy, having buried every living thing on their homeworld under 5000 meters of fast food containers and sweepstakes mail. Without a planet to call their own, and unwelcome on everyone else's they wander from sector to sector doing dirty deeds for anyone with the buckazoids to hire them. Although the cosmos contains a diverse spectrum of life forms, the Sariens are universally considered among the ugliest and worst-dressed.[2]

Sariens speak Sarienese.

Sariens often wear insectoid Mantis-masks which causes fear in their enemies.

Love is illegal in Sarien society.

General Information Edit

The Sariens are a race of mercenaries and thugs. Humanoid in appearance, their most distinguishing features are green skin and tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. The Sariens are known to maintain a space fleet, the most famous ship of which is the ill-fated Deltaur. Using their ships as a resource, they often hire themselves out to the highest bidder, and have been known to commit grievous acts of piracy against unsuspecting ships.

The Sariens are perhaps most notable in their role as mercenaries hired by Sludge Vohaul to steal, then guard the Star Generator in preparation for his nefarious plans.

They have an excellent sense of humour. One famous Sarien joke goes like this... How many Analexians does it take to seduce a three-eared female sillovite? Two!

Not much is known about Sarien culinary practices, but it is said that that Sarien onion stew is foul tasting, and perhaps only Keronian plants taste worse.[3]

Game Involvement Edit

During Space Quest 1, Roger Wilco barely escaped death by hiding in a broom closet as the Sariens attacked and ransacked the Xenon research ship, Arcada. Given a mission to stop the Sariens at all costs by one of the Arcada's dying scientists, Roger embarked on a quest to do so. His adventures are recounted elsewhere, but his success at not only stopping the Sariens but destroying the Star Generator before it could be used as a weapon, earned him accolades and praise from the people of his home planet, Xenon.

Though not seen, apparently there were Sariens on board Sludge Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress. Roger Wilco escaped from it before it blew Sludge and his Sarien goons into hard vacuum.[4]

Apparently Sariens lead by a beautiful green haired Sarien commander invaded Xenon during a second attempt to steal the new Star Generator between SQ3 and SQ4 (likely under the orders of Sludge Vohaul again). Roger was nearly shot by the commander during the attempt but also found himself smitten by he, and wanted to meet her again. He was in the middle of rescuing the Star Generator would he was pulled from his universe into the Hoyle software. He needed to get back to stop the invasion. While he was stuck having to play a few games, ultimately he made it back to stop them.[5]

ComPost Database Entry Edit


The Sariens are a humanoid race. Treacherous, evil, but always eager to please, the Sariens make wonderful hosts, especially if you're their enemy (and who isn't?).

They pride themselves on their techniques of torture, mutilation, disfigurement, napkin-folding, and selecting the right wine to go with whichever enemy they're eating.

They're also easily offended should you insinuate that they're doing less than their best to grind you into a fine red paste.

Sariens are omnivores, preferring to eat old back issues of "Omni".

Behind the scenesEdit

In Space Quest I remake, the Star Generator is guarded by a colossus Sarien armored in red. In the hintbook of the same game. The Sarien guard is described being green, even if the player can never see anything under his armor.


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