• Data Cartridge - This is a data storage cartridge. On it are the words ASTRAL BODY FORMATION: THE UNTOLD STORY. The cartridge contains a journal of Slash Vohaul - a scientist working on the secret Star Generator project, and the blue prints for building the Star Generator. Found in the Data Archives on the Arcada and used in the Keronian Computer.
  • A keycard - The keycard is a flat rectangular piece of synthetic material which is magnetically keyed for passing check stations. Written in tiny letters are the words "Beek and Hinder Security Systems". Found in the uniform of a dead crew mate and used to open the elevator door which gives access to the lower level of the Arcada.
  • A gadget - Written on the electronic gadget are the words DIALECT TRANSLATOR. On one end is a dial and a light (currently dim). Found in the Flight Prep. room and used for talking to the alien head.
  • Survival kit - This is your survival kit. It contains a Xenon Army Knife and a can of dehydrated water. Found in the pod (after crash landing). You can open it.
  • Dehydrated water - This is a cylinder of dehydrated water. At the top of the cylinder is a regulator and a short nozzle. On the side is a label. The can label says "Pelvitron's Dehydrated water (H2) - All you add is air! Makes 10 gallons!" Found inside the survival kit and used for drinking or killing the Orat.
  • Xenon Army Knife - This is your handy-dandy Xenon Army Knife. Found in the survival kit and used to open the vent in the Deltaur.
  • A piece of View Shield Glass - This is a piece of highly reflective view shield glass from the escape pod. Due to its special design there are no sharp edges. Found on the ground near the pod. Used to short out the laser in the underground complex.
  • A plant piece - This is a plant you are not familiar with. Found on the Keronian desert. You can eat it.
  • The Orat Part - The Orat part seems to consist of a spiny piece of bone with a small amount of somewhat less solid material clinging to one end. Found in Orat's Cave. You need to give it to the alien head.
  • A Rock - This is definitely a rock. Found by underground elevator and used on geyser.
  • Sand Skimmer Key - This is the power key to the sand skimmer. Found inside the skimmer (DUH!) and used to start the engine (wow!)
  • A Buckazoid - Found in Ulence Flats and in the slot machine. You can use buckazoids to buy stuff.
  • A glass of Keronian Ale - This is a vessel of that acrid-yet-buoyant Keronian Ale. You can buy it in the bar.
  • A Jetpack - This is your bargain jetpack. You get it when selling your sand skimmer. Used in space to reach the Deltaur.
  • A Sarien ID Card - This is a Sarien ID card. The name on the card is Butston Freem. You wonder if this is a common Sarien name. Found in the Sarien uniform pocket and used to get the Pulse Ray.
  • A Pulse Ray - This small item is a Pulse Ray. It delivers concentrated pulses of energy in the direction it is pointed. You can get this item in the armory of the Deltaur and use it to shoot nasty green men.
  • A Gas Grenade - The smoke bomb appears to be of the impact detonation variety. You don't want to be to close to this thing when it discharges. Found in the armory of the Deltaur and used to kill the Sarien guard.
  • A Remote - This is a small remote control unit. On it is a button. You wonder what it controls remotely. Found in the Sarien guard's uniform. Used on the Star Generator force field.
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