Regions in which Roger may die

In this game, you are asked to input a name. Roger Wilco is the default name, so "Roger Wilco" will be replaced by your name in the messages below.

General Messages[edit | edit source]

Thank you for playing Space Quest. Too bad you've failed miserably and doomed all your people to a horrible death at the hands of the Sariens. If you continue playing as skillfully as this, we'll never have a chance for a sequel. Better luck next time. (Screenshot(s))

The Arcada[edit | edit source]

Fail to escape before the ship self-destructs.[edit | edit source]

The Arcada explodes.

Gosh, Roger Wilco. It would appear you have met an untimely demise. With the explosive destruction of the Arcada you become part of a fresh collection of space debris. (Screenshot(s))

Get discovered by Sariens or read the data cartridge right after getting it. (PUT CARTRIDGE IN SLOT)[edit | edit source]

Roger gets blasted by a Sarien.

The alien observes his handiwork briefly, then leaves.

As you lie on the floor in a smoldering, carbogelatinous heap you can't help but wonder why you bothered getting up this morning. (Screenshot(s))

Enter the airlock without an EVA suit while the bay doors are open.[edit | edit source]

Roger: Oops! Forgot my suit.

Roger suffers explosive decompression.

That concludes your experiment involving the effects of total vacuum on the human body, Roger Wilco. (Screenshot(s))

Walk out the airlock doors.[edit | edit source]

Roger goes floating off uncontrollably into space.

Congratulations, Roger Wilco. You have found your way off the Arcada and escaped obvious danger. Unfortunately, you will never be seen or heard from again as you float gracefully through the heavens for eternity. (Screenshot(s))

Walk into the pod platform shaft.[edit | edit source]

Roger plummets to his doom.

Well, Roger Wilco, that was a smooth half-gainer into the elevator shaft. Did you decide that you would think more clearly with your brains re-organized? (Screenshot(s))

Escape Pod[edit | edit source]

Take too long to press the Autonav button after leaving the Arcada.[edit | edit source]

The Escape Pod flies past Kerona, never to be heard from again, or at least until it gets towed eons later.

Due to a lack of navigation, you have exhausted the meager amount of emergency fuel without finding a safe place to land. You are lost in space. (Screenshot(s))

Press the "Don't Touch" button after leaving the Arcada. (PUSH DON'T TOUCH BUTTON)[edit | edit source]

It said don't touch. I warned you!

Roger's pod warps into Daventry, crashing into the moat outside King Graham's castle, and Roger is (presumably) devoured by the alligators in the moat.

Roberta Williams: Ken? Did you hear something?

Ken Williams: It was probably just the gators entertaining another Space Quest player. Go back to sleep, 'berta.

Through a strange quirk of fate (or was it?) you have stumbled into a place beyond time, space, and dimension. You have entered... The Daventry Zone!! That's right, the land of King's Quest. This will not help you now since you are playing Space Quest. (Screenshot(s))

Kerona Surface[edit | edit source]

Go too far out in the desert.[edit | edit source]

A Grell emerges from the sand and eats Roger.

You have just become a vertical meal for the local welcoming committee. (Screenshot(s))

Go east, east, north, north, east, and east from the escape pod screen, stand in the middle of the screen, and wait.[edit | edit source]

You hear a strange roar, like something traveling through the atmosphere at a very high rate of speed.

An ominous shadow appears over Roger, and then a meteor falls from the sky and flattens him.

You have been driven into the ground like a flesh piton, Roger Wilco. (Screenshot(s))

Look in the hole on the side of the cliff. (LOOK HOLE)[edit | edit source]

Roger climbs into the hole, and is spit back out as a pile of bones.

Alien: (burps)

Whatever is in that hole just enjoyed lunch - on you. This should teach you to be cautious when encountering alien holes. (Screenshot(s))

Get caught by the Sarien Spider Droid.[edit | edit source]

The Sarien Spider Droid explodes on contact with Roger, destroying them both.

You have just been blown into bite-size chunks by a Sarien spider droid. (Screenshot(s))

Get caught by Orat.[edit | edit source]

Orat: What have we here?

Roger is forcibly reshaped into a ball and bounced by the Orat.

Orat has transformed you into a new source of recreation. You, of course, don't survive this treatment. It's tough to make friends around here. (Screenshot(s))

Fail to hide when you bring the Sarien Spider Droid into the Orat Cave[edit | edit source]

Roger, who didn't find a hiding spot, was blown to bits by the Spider Droid before the Orat could get them both.

You've just been molecularly re-distributed by the spider droid. Tough luck, Roger.

Walk across the bridge too many times or walk off the side of a cliff.[edit | edit source]

Bridge: The bridge collapses, crushing Roger in a pile of rubble.

Walk: Roger plummets to his doom.

You have traveled a long way only to die by carelessly stepping to your death. What a clod! (Screenshot(s)); (Screenshot(s))

Go for too long without water.[edit | edit source]

1st Warning To Drink Something[edit | edit source]

The heat is causing you to develop quite a thirst. A drink of water would certainly be most pleasant.

2nd Warning To Drink Something[edit | edit source]

You are very much in need of water now. Your future will be a thing of the past without it.

Too Late[edit | edit source]

You're dead, Roger Wilco. You have died of dehydration. Within a few hours, your gaunt corpse will have dried to a crisp, your powdered remains evenly distributed across the parched terrain by a searing gust.


Kerona Underground[edit | edit source]

Get caught by the grate monster.[edit | edit source]

Roger gets snared by tentacles from the grate and is dragged under.

You've been snatched from existence by a tentacled beast lurking beneath the grate. You feel the painful sting of digestive fluids. (Screenshot(s))

Drink from the pool of acid. (DRINK POOL)[edit | edit source]

You lean over to drink from the tempting pool of liquid. As your lips touch the fluid you feel a pain which could be likened to kissing a lit rocket nozzle. Now you know what they mean when they say "Don't drink the water."

Roger's head melts away, causing him to flail around before flopping over and dying.

That's right. You have no head. That darn pool must be filled with acid. You obviously can't go on living that way. (Screenshot(s))

Walk through the laser beams.[edit | edit source]

Roger walks through the lasers and gets sliced to pieces.

You are now lying on the floor in many pieces. Guess those beams meant business, Roger Wilco. (Screenshot(s))

Get hit by acid drips.[edit | edit source]

An acid drip hits Roger, killing him.

You are unpleasantly surprised by a drop of searing acid which bores its way to your feet. (Screenshot(s))

Skimmer Sequence[edit | edit source]

Hit five rocks.[edit | edit source]

Roger is launched from the skimmer and crashlands in the sand.

Had you eaten a few less donuts during the mission, you might have cleared that rock, Roger Wilco. (Screenshot(s))

Ulence Flats[edit | edit source]

Get three skulls on the slot machine.[edit | edit source]


Roger is blasted by the slot machine, turning to ash. A cleaner droid sweeps up his remains.

Luck's turn has cost you dearly. As life seeps away, you long for the simpler days aboard the Arcada. (Screenshot(s))

Look at the ships at Tiny's, enter the bar and win money at the slot machine, then exit the bar. Follow the alien, then move in any direction except left.[edit | edit source]

Mugger: Say there, pal. It's come to my attention that you're in the market for some transportation.

Mugger: I may be able to help. If you'll follow me, I'd like to show you a fine little piece of machinery that'll knock your eyes out.

Mugger: Hold it right there, pal! This is a stick-up! I'll just relieve you of your cash, thank you very much.

Mugger: 250 buckazoids? I guess it's better than nothing. Here, keep five for yourself. I gotta admit you look like you need it.

Mugger: Well, you've got to be leaving now. Go straight back the way you came in. Deviate from that path and you're Grell kibble!

The mugger shoots Roger when he goes another way.

The mugger impresses upon you that he was quite serious. (Screenshot(s))

Buy the wrong ship from Tiny's.[edit | edit source]

Tiny: Don't let appearances fool ya. This baby may be a relic, I mean, a classic, but she's as dependable as the day we got her. And just think, you'll be the only one in the quadrant with one. I guarantee it!

Tiny: She's a beaut, isn't she? This little baby can do a spin around the planet in just under an hour. Look at the lines in that body work. They just don't make 'em like this anymore, ya' know what I mean? And she's a real bargain at 185 buckazoids.

Tiny: I tell ya, I think you've made a wise decision. She's a beauty. The keys are in her. If you have any problems don't hesitate to come back and tell us about 'em.

Tiny: It's been a heckuva pleasure doin' business with you. Well, good luck. Come again!

You shell out the buckazoids and hop in. Anxiously, you fire it up and lift off.

The ship eventually crashes into the dunes in the distance.

Darn the luck, Roger Wilco. You've crashed in the dunes and ended your life. The various inhabitants of the Keronian desert are now feasting on what remains of you. Guess that wasn't such a hot purchase. (Screenshot(s))

Outer Space[edit | edit source]

Exit the ship before putting on the jetpack.[edit | edit source]

Roger floats uncontrollably into the void of space.

Darn, Roger Wilco. Upon exiting the ship, you find that you have no means of maneuvering and are subject to the whims of inertia and gravity. You quickly learn the true meaning of helplessness as death has its way with you. (Screenshot(s))

Fly anywhere outside the Deltaur other than the airlock entrance.[edit | edit source]

Roger is blasted into space dust by a blast from the Deltaur.

The inhabitants of this vessel don't appear to appreciate your desire to sight-see. You have been transformed into space dust. (Screenshot(s))

The Deltaur[edit | edit source]

Walk around the ship before getting a disguise.[edit | edit source]

Roger gets vaporized by a Sarien.

You're toast! (Screenshot(s))

Get caught in the laundry room.[edit | edit source]

You hear footsteps coming from outside the door!

A Sarien enters and vaporizes Roger.

You've just been disintegrated by the Sarien's pulseray. Perhaps this will teach you not to loiter about on the Deltaur. (Screenshot(s))

Fire the pulseray twice in the weapons room.[edit | edit source]

The droid explains that although he is not programmed for death, he considers it extremely rude to fire your weapon indoors. He cautions you against doing so again.

He did warn you!

The droid vaporizes Roger.'(Screenshot(s))

Get a grenade twice while being watched. (GET GRENADE)[edit | edit source]

Droid: I am sorry. You may not possess that device. That would be punishable by death.

The droid vaporizes Roger.

Droid: I warned you. (Screenshot(s))

Show the Sarien ID Card to the droid three times.[edit | edit source]

The droid vaporizes Roger.

The droid explains as he eliminates you that he is very sorry that you are incapable of remembering that you already own a gun, but that of course he has many customers to deal with and you really are a nuisance. Before you can reply to this, you realize that you no longer have the relevant body parts with which to reply. Your last seconds of agony are spent hearing the phrase, "Next please." (Screenshot(s))

Show the droid the ID, steal a grenade while he's gone, then leave without getting the gun.[edit | edit source]

Roger tries to sneak out with the grenade.

"Stop, thief!" shouts the Droid as he notices you sneaking out suspiciously and observes that a gas grenade has been taken. Before you can explain that you were just taking it outside for a better look, the Droid evaporates you.

The droid vaporizes Roger.'(Screenshot(s))

Drop a grenade anywhere but in the Star Generator room. (DROP GRENADE)[edit | edit source]

Roger is surrounded by the fumes of the exploding grenade and dies.

Obviously, this was not the smartest thing you've done today. You have once again demonstrated that a janitor's place is not in space. (Screenshot(s))

Get caught by a Sarien without shooting them after losing the disguise.[edit | edit source]

Roger gets vaporized by a Sarien.

Message 1[edit | edit source]

Geez Roger Wilco! Go take some marksmanship courses and come back and give it another try in a couple of months. OK? (Screenshot(s))

Message 2[edit | edit source]

You've just been reduced to micro-particles by the alien's pulseray. You'll have to be quicker on the draw than that Roger Wilco. (Screenshot(s))

Get caught by a robot droid after losing the disguise.[edit | edit source]

If the robot droid could laugh, which it is not programmed to do, it would do so. Your pulseray is only effective against living opponents!(If you shoot the droid)

The droid touches Roger and disintegrates him.

You've just been disintegrated by contact with the robot droid. (Screenshot(s))

Fall off the escape pod walkway.[edit | edit source]

Roger falls to his doom.

Gee whiz, Roger Wilco! You could actually be a hero if you weren't so clumsy. Wise up. (Screenshot(s))

Fail to escape the ship after setting the Star Generator to detonate.[edit | edit source]

The Deltaur explodes.

Despite your surprisingly valiant effort, you have been blown to eternity by the Star Generator itself. (Screenshot(s))

Alternate Ending[edit | edit source]

Fail to take the cartridge out of the reader on Kerona and finish the game without it.[edit | edit source]

Congratulations Roger Wilco, you've rid the universe of the evil Sariens and saved your people from certain doom. You're an all-around hero! You've made it home safely aboard the stolen Sarien craft, where you've encountered a cheering Xenon crowd. They have gathered together for a ceremony in your honor. The ceremony is already in progress. (Screenshot(s))

(The rest is the same as the usual ending, but, though not shown in the ending, the aftereffect is that a newer Star Generator can not be developed, thus causing the sun, Earnon, to die, taking with it the lives of all living on Xenon)

Total number of ways to die: 37

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