This page deals with the development of Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (VGA and EGA remake versions).

Changes and cutsEdit

Early versions of the game had a different animation for the light-speed effect when Roger uses the escape pod to leave the Arcada and fly to Kerona. This image appeared in Sierra's InterAction magazine, and in an advertisement on the back cover of the Space Quest I comic book adaptation's first issue. For some reason, the early light-speed animation did appear in the remake's 16-color EGA conversion.

Cursor 25 : Unlike the original version, you never get the Keronian Ale that you drink at the Bar as an inventory item. However, it was planned to be an inventory item in the SCI version as well. The script and messages of it are still present in the code and the graphic of the actual item was removed, but the cursor still exists.

View 52 : Two unused death animations present in the code. The first one shows Roger being cut in half by a chainsaw, and the second one shows him being incinerated, standing on one foot. Both of them show Roger in the Sarien uniform, minus the helmet.

The last loop of View 145, that contains a lot of animations related to the ship you buy at Tiny's to leave Kerona. That last animation consists of two frames, showing a button labeled "LOAD NAV DROID". It was probably intended to mimic the original version of the game, where you needed to input a command to load the droid onto the ship. In the remake, it is done automatically.

View 501 : Slash Vohaul is the only character in the game that doesn't have a oval shaped speech portrait, unlike the other ones. In the code though, there is an empty red oval speech portrait, in the same animation as the pink squared portrait that the game uses for Slash Vohaul's dialogue. The first frame of the animation is the used square shaped speech portrait, and the third frame of the same animation is the unused oval shaped one. The second frame of the animation is empty; it doesn't exist anymore.

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