SCS Goliath


GiantGorilla-class warship



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  • Shields
  • Communications Jammers

Phaser Banks

Max speed:

10x Light speed



Goliath bridge

The bridge of Goliath (with some Pukoid slime)

Star drive

The star drive of Goliath with a starburator.

The SCS Goliath is an GiantGorilla-class warship. With its state of the art star drive, it can travel more than 10 times the speed of light.

It was at one time commanded by Raemes T. Quirk, and was smack dab in the middle of the Pukoid scandal.


The Goliath visited the Klorox II colony sometime before stardate 3012.68 (that around 3009/10 in standard dating) and the colonists started to mutate.

Ambassador Beatrice Creakworm Wankmeister was concerned about the Sludge Bandits who dumped their waste around the G6 Quadrant and requested the deployment of shome ships from the StarCon Academy. Captain Quirk insisted that she'd accompany him aboard the SCS Goliath as it patrolled the alleged dump sites.

The Goliath docked with the SpaceBar at the same time with the SCS Eureka, and one of their crewmen was involved in a brawl with the Eureka's engineer, Cliffy.

The crew was infected by the Primordial Soup and mutated to Pukoids. When passing near Thrakus, Wankmeister sabotaged the ship by stealing the warp distributor cap and took an Escape Pod to land on the planet.

A mutated Quirk decided to use the Goliath to conquer StarCon and started by attacking the inferior Eureka, which just rescued Beatrice, but the ship hid inside the Thrakus asteroid field.

Goliath was then to be found near Gingivitis, and Roger Wilco boarded the ship, managing to turn off its shields. He was captured, but then joined by WD40, equipped with new liquid nitrogen blasters, disabling the Pukoids. Cliffy was also there ready to use the transporter to isolate the Primordial Soup. Quirk however was not lured to the transporter room, and instead he left the ship in a shuttle, which was absorbed by the floating blurb. The floating mass then proceeded to crush the ship, but it was saved with the last actions of Wilco as former captain of the SCS Eureka.

The Goliath was then returned to StarCon Headquarters for further decontamination before being re-assigned. It would seem that something went wrong in jump to StarCon, as Roger appears to have returned to StarCon thirty years later in 3043.