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The room removed for legal reasons (click for larger image)

The Room Removed for Legal Reasons appears in the CD-ROM version of Space Quest 4 and is an unknown location in the Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (time sector).


It was included as a joke making fun of the fact that various lawsuits forced the change of some elements of Sierra games.

It is not regularly accessable in retail versions of the game, though it has been made accessable in the Space Quest 4 CD Version Update by "New Rising Sun".

Accessing the Room Removed for Legal Reasons[]

To access the room, one must have the aforementioned version installed. Enter the following time codes in the Time Pod, followed by ENT after each timecode. It may seem like it's not working, but it is. Also, one should not try this until reaching Estros.



From left to right, the items removed for legal reasons are:

  • The room artwork is taken from KQ6 and is used in the secret hallways between basement and the 2nd floor.
  • Slug Chow A parody of the Ralston Purina Company's Dog and Puppy Chow. This was likely considered questionable because Purina owned Everready Battery Company. Sierra had already drawn the legal ire of the company due to the Energizer Bunny mishap.
  • Hero's Quest (the logo and title are shown) was the original title for the Quest For Glory series, but was later changed because of copyright issues involving the "HeroQuest" boardgame.
  • The two long bearded men are from the music group ZZ-Top. Originally appearing in the Rocket Bar in the SCI version of Space Quest 1, they were removed after a lawsuit against Sierra for using their likenesses without permission. ZZ-Top is easily restored by simply deleting a patch file in the game files.
  • The dinosaur on the wall is the character Earl Sinclair from the Disney produced television series, Dinosaurs. He appeared in the VGA remake of the first Quest for Glory game. Though was ironically not removed from any versions of the game.
  • The Droids R Us sign from the original AGI version of Space Quest 1. Later versions of the game had the name changed to Droids B Us due to liability issues of the name's similarities to the toy store chain Toys R Us. Ironically, Space Quest VGA has Droids B Us more resemble Toys R Us.
  • Once you get in the room you can never leave. If you click on the TimePod to try, the narrator says, "Sorry, but you've just been removed from the game for legal reasons."