RobertaLand (aka Robertaland) is a theme park. According to a postcard sold by Fester Blatz at the World O' Wonders, RobertaLand is a funpark based on a place beyond time, space, and dimension called The Daventry Zone!! That's right, the land of King's Quest! Come join the fun at the funpark of the future! See characters from your favorite stories come to life again and again. Based on the stories of the Roberta Williams (including the aging Roberta Williams III). Recently revised, so don't miss a single thrilling scene. RobertaLand's proprietor is Roberta, whom Roger once had a crush.

The Andromedan of the Andromeda System like to vacation there or on Phleebhut. Roger Wilco also mentioned it an interview with Space Piston Magazine that he may visit RobertaLand during his six month vacation.

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