PocketPal from SQ4

PocketPal from SQ6

The PocketPal is a pocket-size terminal used in interfacing with larger computers. Requires separate interface hardware available at most Radio Shock/Hz. So Good stores.

Roger still had the terminal when he served aboard the SCS Deepship 86, which he kept in his quarters, though at that time it was referred to as the PocketMaster.

PocketPals have inspired competing designs, and have been produced under a few different companies and models including;

Plot Inconsistencies[edit | edit source]

  • When you use the hand icon on the PocketPal in Roger's quarters, the narrator will explain why you can't use it: "It's AC, and the ship is DC." even though in SQ 4 it's shown that the PocketPal is battery-powered and doesn't use a cord. This doesn't mean that it isn't compatible with a cord, when no battery is available. But a cord might cost extra.
  • The adaptor plug from SQ 4 is not visible on the laptop. Judging from how it plugged into the slots in the Supercomputer, it's possible that the plug would be in the back, but nothing is visible there when seen in SQ 6. However, there are panels on the back in SQ6, that could be conceivably removed. Including a smaller square shaped in the lower right corner.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The description from Radio Shock and Hz. So Good states that it comes with a "chiclet-style keyboard" and "Dentyne-style mouse". These are references to two popular gum brands.
  • If the keyboard is looked at while the PocketPal is in use in the Supercomputer, the narrator will state, "Hmm...the keys are just painted on."
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