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General Information Edit

The Pirates of Pestulon were a group of pirates made up of members of ScumSoft and led by Elmo V. Pug, with ties to Sludge Vohaul. Operating out of a secret base on the moon Pestulon, the pirates used a cloaking generator on the planet Ortega to hide themselves from view. They also operated a fleet of Skull Fighters and used them in their nefarious activities.

Some say that at least some of the apeoids that worked for Sludge Vohaul were Pestulon space pirates wearing monkey suits.[1] (so their connection to the Vohauls may go back many years).

The greatest of their crimes was running a software company using slave labor to write software and games. Among those captured and subjected to this were the famous Two Guys From Andromeda.

The Pirates of Pestulon were exposed through the actions of Roger Wilco, who also destroyed much of the pirate fleet. The fighter belonging to one group of pirates was captured when they tried to escape the confines of Space Quest III.[2] It is said that those that still remained were plotting to get even with Roger Wilco for a long time.[3]They hated him ever since his rescue of the Two Guys from the lime jello.[4]

They continued to hold a grudge towards Roger Wilco and apparently took part during the Xenon invasion by Sariens in an attempt to steal the second Star Generator, and between them and Sludge Vohaul were able to trap Roger briefly within the Hoyle program. Roger would escape and the plans thwarted again. Though it is unknown if this was their final demise, it is likely that the Pirates were dissolved soon after, and Elmo Vohaul Pug went into bankruptcy.

Game Involvement Edit

Roger Wilco unwittingly became the vehicle for the demise of the Pirates of Pestulon when he discovered a secret message from the Two Guys From Andromeda hidden within the arcade game Astro Chicken. Roger sought out the Two Guys, and in the process, destroyed the Pirates' cloaking generator, infiltrated their base, freed the Two Guys from being encased in Jello, was captured, forced to fight Nukem Dukem robots against Elmo Pug, escaped, and single-handedly destroyed the pirate fleet in his handy ship, the Aluminum Mallard.

References Edit

It is possible that the title of Space Quest 3: "Pirates of Pestulon" is a spoof of the title of the famous Gilbert and Sullivan musical, "The Pirates of Penzance".

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