Pinkunz are a predatorial species of primitive beaveroids inhabiting the forests and caves of Labion. The cliff dwellers wear little or no clothing, are fierce yet gracious, and have the ability to communicate and reason, though they do easily fall prey to traps. The leader of Pinkunz is the Cleaver.

ComPost Database Entry Edit


The Pinkunz are a race of many contrasts. They're so cute, you just want to eat them up. But you can't because they're very tough and you can chew them for hours without making any headway.

Which is all right, because they taste horrible.

They live on Labion and create elaborate warrens or "dens". They also swim through the Labion swamps with ease, since they use certain Berries to repel the swamp slurpies that inhabit the marshes & bayous.

However, the Berries are ineffective against the monstrous Labion Cave Beavers, who invade the dens and feast on the Pinkunz within.

The Cave Beavers are not intelligent enough to figure out how tough and chewy the Pinkunz are, and often sample every Pinkunz in the den before realizing that none of them are tender enough [to eat].

Pinkunz are herbivorous, so they only eat creatures named "Herb." They will also eat the young shoots of the Wandering Atheist (Replicator #4366314).