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Phleebhutinskis or Blatz are a near extinct race of Hermanoids[1] from the planet Phleebhut.


They are known for their sales skills. The only known Phleebhutinski still alive is Fester Blatz.

Blatz are a rare rhinosupial species where the babies are born, but climb into their parents' noses where they continue to grow until they fall out from their sheer weight, or from a real good sneeze from their parental unit. Blatz have reptillian eyes.

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On Phleebhut, the laws of natural selection are clearly illustrated, particularly in how they can sometimes go horribly awry and produce a poorly-adapted race totally incapable of surviving its native habitat.

The creatures native to Phleebhut are collectively called "Phleebhutinskis" or "Blatz" for short. They have three fingers which end in suction cups, ideal for grasping small prey or souveniers.

They have oversized pupils for seeing in dim light, large yellow incisors for cutting through food, and long narrow nostrils to protect against inhaling most foreign objects (except for their fingers).

Unfortunately, the planet of Phleebhut, a greenish dustball, has no small prey to grasp, is brightly lit throughout the day/night cycle, features deposits of naturally-occurring pulpy food which must be gummed extensively before being swallowed (Replicator #6588644), and has rock formations which cast off long, narrow slivers of mica which are easily inhaled by the Blatz.

These mica slivers can cause extensive lacerations of the sinus cavities. Thus any Blatz who is fortunate enough to survive the atmostphere typically loses his teeth, goes blind, or starves quickly.

In fact, there is only one known currently-surviving Blatz (known as "Fester") who has moved off of Phleebhut to seek a more hospitable environment.

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