Patrician Broadcasting (PBS) is entertainment network that broadcasts throughout the Universe. It had ties to Gippazoid Novelty Company (at least offering some of their products).


Roger Wilco made a pledge to the network for 20 buckazoids, and sent off the check. As a premium for his pledge, PBS sent Roger Wilco a magazine that also contained an order form for a free Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle made by Gippazoid Novelty Company. The check however never made it to PBS, and thus PBS ended up as one of Roger Wilco's creditors along with Gippazoid, both demanded payment over the century between SQ2 and SQ3, and sending terminoid droids after him on two seperate occasions. Over the century the 20 buckazoids pledge quickly mushroomed into hundreds of thousands of buckazoids after interest was compounded.

While Roger Wilco later cleared the misunderstanding up with PBS, the company decided it was in their best interests not to honor the deal, and had W-D40 sent to collect a bounty on Roger.


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