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Pa Conshohocken is the owner of Boot Liquor, and one of the oldest residents of Polysorbate LX. Definitely security-minded.

You've probably seen men like Pa Conshocken behind every liquor store counters in tiny towns all across America. He appears to be human. He is a cheerful counterman who'd kill ya if ya tried to steal something. His humanity is offset by the drunk extraterrestrial sitting on the floor.

Behind the scenes[]

He is described as 'humanity' but may also be part alien, considering the shape of his ears, and other details.

The character was named after the borough of Conshohocken, PA, as confirmed by an e-mail response from Josh Mandel.

Below is an excerpt from it:

Wow, you're the first person to ever ASK.

Pa Conshohocken was a tip o' the hat to a friend of mine, Russ Ceccola. Russ, who's from Conshohocken, was a writer in the games industry (as I was before jumping over to development): a game critic, strategy guide writer, columnist, and general bon vivant. He had actually helped me at one point by settling an argument I was having with Roberta Williams over an interview that Russ had done with her for Computer Gaming World over a game I had co-designed with her, "Scary Tales."

Well, we were talking back when SQ6 was in development, and at one point, Russ said, "Hey, I'm from a city in Pennsylvania called "Conshohocken." I wonder if there's any possible way for you to mention Conshohocken in the game."

Once I decided to make Conshohocken a character by turning the PA into Pa, assigning the name to the liquor store owner was easy, since I didn't have many characters who would be old and crusty enough to be nicknamed "Pa." I also thought it worked out well since making him a liquor store owner would be a sort of elbow-to-the-ribs thing to do to Russ.

So it's a pretty simple answer to a mild question!

Yours truly,