Ortega and its moon, Pestulon.

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Pirates of Pestulon

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Shield Generator

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Ortega is a planet in Sector 82 of the Earnon system in Earnon galaxy or in the separate Ortega system (possibly near the Andromeda galaxy). It is a planet with a volcanic crater-strewn surface. It's natural inhabitants are unknown, although Pirates of Pestulon kept shield generator there.

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Ortega is a volcanic world with a high amount of seismic stress. It has one moon, Pestulon. Visits without Thermoweave Underwear or other protective gear are not recommended - death will be instantaneous in some areas, although you may survive a few minutes at some of the cooler parts.

Ortega is the former location of a shield generator/cloaking device used by the Pirates of Pestulon to hide Pestulon and their secret base. The generator was destroyed by Roger Wilco in his confrontation with the Pirates of Pestulon.

Fester Blatz sold postcards of Ortega.

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Roger visited Ortega at least twice in his career. The first was in Space Quest 3 when he saw two ScumSoft lackeys working at a make-shift research station, monitoring the seismic activity. He then attempted to stop the Pirates of Pestulon. His short stay there involved the use of Thermoweave Underwear and blowing up the Pirates' shield generator.

Roger's second visit was in Space Quest 4 when he accidentally typed the wrong time code into his stolen timepod.

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Ortega is a type of chile pepper. Ortega is also a United States brand of spicy Mexican style food. It is headquartered in California, and would likely have been a familiar brand name to the Two Guys From Andromeda.

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Ortega (unofficial)

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