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The Orat is a creature native to Kerona (many apparently live at Orat Bay) which loves to eat, particularly the children of the Keronian natives. They prefer darkness, and as such, may be seen in dark caves.


Orat appears to be a Keronian name for the creature (translated into approximate English/Xenonian language), and it is actually shortened form of their full Keronian name.[1] More specifically Orat appears to be the shortened name for the specific Orat that Roger killed (see Grell for similar name usage). When speaking of the individual "Orat" (capitalized) is employed, when speaking of the species "orat" is often used[2] (however this is not always the case).

There are several known varieties of Orats with different morphological differences. The most famous of these are the versions Roger encountered in the Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) and Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (time sector) time sectors. These changes appear to be unforeseen side effects of time travel on Roger Wilco's part or direct influence by Sludge Vohaul in yet another of his revenge plots.

The Orats at first glance appear to be subsentient, and not even to have much language skills, other than grunts and growls (something not even the dialect translator can decipher). But it is said Orats are normally known for their intellectually stimulating conversations in the monster and beast community. But from a human perspective, Orat seems limited to grunts in the way of response to probing questions. Growls sound the same in any language.[3] Incidently, the Orat (original version) from the original time sector appears to be much more intelligent in comparison.

The Orat's main food source is that of Keronian young.[4]

Its not know if they are also afraid of spiders, but perhaps after a certain encounter they might as well be (see below).

One such creature was actually completely obliterated by Roger Wilco in Space Quest 1. Although the accounts of how he managed it are inconsistant. Roger has claimed to have killed it by feeding it a bottle of Dehydrated water[5], he has also claimed to have killed it by luring a Sarien Spider Droid into the the Orat's cave and allowing them to kill each other[6] Still in another account Roger gave in Space Piston Comix he claimed to have fired a phaser at the roof the cave and dropping rocks on the orat. It is unclear on if Roger's inconsistant accounts are a product of exaggerations from his overactive ego, compulsive lying, the effects of time travel, or if he has actually killed more than one Orat on Kerona.

Other MentionsEdit

Another Orat nearly killed the actor Darth Lumix during the production of The Sarien Encounter movie.

Later, a famous toy based on the same creatures was produced (actually the original EGA species), namely the Orat on a Stick. He acquired this from the World O' Wonders on Phleebhut.

Then, in Space Quest 6, during Roger's short imprisonment at the brig on board the SCS DeepShip 86, a Rack of Orat was among the various foodstuffs served to him. He also pointed out that he hadn't seen this stuff since Space Quest 1. The beds at the same brig are said to be made from (or at least feel like) imitation orat hide.

Roger once got ticked off because "the Sirian Goat Cheese on the Grilled Orat Salad tasted fakey" and shot the Replicator in his quarters with a phaser welder, which left a hole in there that hadn't been repaired until SQ6. But that was back in his Salad Days. Additionally, the vents on the replicators prevent the odors of the food from spreading throughout the ship, which, as the Narrator points out, is a good thing if one has ever smelled Poached Seaslug in Orat Coulis.

Pay-per-view Orat Fights are occasionally broadcast on Subspace Transmissions and are often watched by the crew of the SCS DeepShip 86 via the viewscreen at 8-Rear. An article in the Space Piston magazine from SQ4 also suggests that Timepods could be used to go back in time and place bets on such upcoming Orat fights.

Speaking of timepods, it should also be mentioned that the Timebuster 2000 SUX has artificial orat fur upholstery.

The Dandy RecipeBeamer from the Hz So Good Catalog is said to be able to provide a perfect recipe for you even if all you have handy is a can of Condensed Cream-of-Orat Soup and a box of Nano-Wafers.

A death message in Space Quest 4 says "It's not over 'till the fat lady Orat spits... EEE-UCK! Well, I guess it's over. All over. All over everything!"

"Don't give an orat's vas" seems to be a common expression, at least on Polysorbate LX in the Space Quest 6 era. The narrator tells Roger that "They don't seem to give an orat's vas" when he shows something of little interest to the other patrons at the Dew Beam Inn.

A book called "The Hidden Life of Orats" can be found on Dr. Beleauxs' bookshelf at Delta Burksilon V.

Orat-based foodsEdit

In the original Space Quest time sector, it appears that Orats were anything but 'edible'. But that hasn't stopped species from trying in later eras.Here's a convenient summarising list of all Orat-based foods mentioned in the Space Quest series:

ComPost Database Entry Edit


These aggressive carnivores have been the bane of visitors to the planet Kerona for hundreds of years. Hulking and heavily muscled, orats walk on two powerful hind legs.

They enjoy crushing other lifeforms with their massive forearms. They also enjoy basketball, and often combine the two by playing a quick game of one-on-one with a recent catch.

Interestingly (or not), the flesh of the Orat is highly prized for its flavor and buttery texture. It's found as a common ingredient in the cuisines of several different planets.

As a result, there is a burgeoning black market in Orat-poaching. For that reason, the Orat is considered an endangered species, but nobody seems to mind except for a few chefs.

Behind the scenesEdit

The killing the orat by using the spider droid method only appears in the remake. In the original you had to destroy both enemies seperately. The Companion covers this new method in its novelization of Space Quest 1.

The Official Guide to ROger Wilco's Space Adventures instead uses the classic method and seperates the kills in both editions of the story (the novel based on the original version, and the novelization of the remake).


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