Devices derived from transporter technology to dematerialize matter and then reconstitute it in another form.

Replicators are most commonly used as food dispensers aboard StarCon ships such as 8-Rear of DeepShip 86 . The menu is only limited by the programming, as opposed to the days of carrying natural or reconstituted foodstuffs, with delivery by special turbolifts or transporters.

Generally replicated food and "natural" food taste the same, though some people claim to be able to detect a difference.

Technically Mr. Soylent is not a replicator but a wormhole into the Restaurant Universe. They use technology such as Resonance Flux Shield, a Quantum Inhibited Conduit and a Transwarp Field Stabilizer.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Food Replicator

Food replicators are available in many ship's locations. To use, enter the number of the desired foodstuff. Menus are available in the seat pocket in front of you.

If there is no seat pocket in front of you, try looking behind you.

If there is no seat pocket behind you, just hail the waiter and request one.

If there is no waiter in sight, please wait and one will be with you shortly.

List of known replicator codesEdit


The name "Mr. Soylent", and the Soylent Clear Jingle are parodies of the movie Soylent Green.

The technology itself is a spoof on the replicators used in Star Trek.