• Co-Creator of the Series
  • Designer / Writer / Graphics / Music for Space Quest 1 and 2
  • Designer / Writer / Graphics / Programmer / Hint Book Writer for Space Quest 3
  • Designer / Writer / Art Designer / Animator for Space Quest 4
  • Producer / Director / Game Manual Contributing Writer for Space Quest 5



Mark Crowe has been at Sierra On-Line since 1983, first at what became Sierra Publishing, and eventually at Dynamix in Eugene, Oregon. Mark tells it this way:

"I started with Sierra in the Art Department, designing packaging and documentation and what not, so I used my illustration skills there. My first computer graphics project was creating the graphics for Winnie the Pooh and the One Hundred Acre Wood. Then I did animation for King's Quest 2 and then Black Cauldron. Black Cauldron was the first project Scott Murphy and I worked on together."

The second project was to be Space Quest I. Mark and Scott knew there was an audience for a funny science fiction game. After designing SQ1, SQ2, SQ3 and SQ4 with Scott Murphy, Mark moved to Sierra's sister company Dynamix. According to Craig Alexander (general project manager of the first cancelled Space Quest 7), Sierra was swamped with projects in Oakhurst. Dynamix volunteered to do the next SQ, and Mark Crowe wanted to move to Dynamix anyway, so he grabbed the opportunity.

Mark Crowe himself tells the story this way: "Let's see. It was back in '90/'91 that I was directing Police Quest 3 after Space Quest 4 was released. SQ4 had been a particularly stressful development (I still consider it to be my masterpiece product) and I was ready to move on to something different for my next project. I was impressed with the work Jeff Tunnel was doing at Dynamix, and was ready for a life change so I came on board there in Eugene, Oregon. I had a few product ideas in mind that utilized Dynamix' adventure gamer development system, but shortly after my arrival, I was asked to do SQ5 using Sierra's SCI."

Scott Murphy stayed working in Oakhurst and they would never again work together on a Space Quest game. Mark Crowe continues: "I was aware that Josh Mandel (co designer of SQ6 -ed) was working on a design for SQ5 at that point of time. I don't know about all the politics surrounding that. They asked me to do SQ5, I had some ideas for a story so I said SURE!"

Mark Crowe did a great job, but it was to be his last Space Quest.

Mark Crowe offered assistance on Space Quest Companion, including giving secrets to Space Quest V before the game's release. As well as certifying it as an legitimate SQ source.[1] Of the Two Guys he is the one who had the most involvement with the Spears on developing the book.

Current status

Mark Crowe works at Pipeworks Software. Founded in November 1999, the independent studio is focusing on development of entertainment software titles for major software publishers.

References[edit | edit source]

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